Building Buyer Excitement for New Listing – Art (not science)

Listing agents dance on a fine line when working with Home Sellers to prepare their house for the market . . . and then coordinating a marketing strategy that builds Buyer Excitement and anticipation. We all know that there is such a thing as not enough preparation. If the staging, condition, smell, and pricing aren’t […]

To “Lease to Own” or NOT to “Lease to Own” – This is the question!

Nashville’s Brian CopelandĀ posed a wonderful provocative question on our Local REALTOR forum . . . It was a benign query about “biggest landmines sellers/buyers should be aware of” with respect to “lease to own” transactions. Once I overcame the pit in my gut knee-jerk reaction to seeing the phrase “Lease to own” (because I have […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Is the Economy poised to take another dive?

There are a lot of people who are a LOT smarter (more informed) than I with respect to the state of the National and Global Economy, and some are speaking (very persuasively) of imminent DOOM & GLOOM. “THE SKY IS FALLING . . . THE SKY IS FALLING . . . THE SKY IS FALLING!” […]

Finding the right mortgage for your new house

“Back in the day” when things were a LOT more stable in the economy and money was flowing with ease, Lenders had more difficulty differentiating themselves other than promoting the lowest rate. Their marketing for “LOW RATES” created that kind of market. Home buyers looking for a mortgage had effectively been trained by the Lenders’ […]

A house with a LOT of Heart in the Heart of Nashville

4705 Nevada – Heart of Sylvan ParkĀ – $369,900 If you’re a fan of urban living: Walkable Neighborhood Being near parks Trendy restaurants (and dives) easy interstate access within minutes of any shopaholic’s delight . . . You’ll be in Heaven living in the Heart of Sylvan Park. This classic neighborhood is in a rare pocket […]