Great question – Here’s my answer to a different question

Clearly, the digital world has damaged many peoples’ ability to engage in useful dialog. This morning, I came to the conclusion that 80% of the comments in any given thread are not “dialog” . . . they are a collage of ego driven monologues. (on my 3rd reading of this comment, I almost deleted it […]

The best reason to show up at more meetings.

We all have more than our fair shares of invitations to meetings. Some meetings are more “relevant and important” than others. Before committing to attend, most folks want to know WIIFM (What’s in it for me?). At a minimum, We want to know the topic/theme . . . even better if we can know who […]

“C” words that make a difference

Collaborate – Change – Create – Cause – Commiserate – Camaraderie – Champion – Compensation – Care – Core – Closure – Complete – Compete – Contact – Cacophony – Calm – Can – candor – capable – Cantankerous – Capitulate – Capricious – Captivating – career – carefree – careful – carry – cash […]

Non-attachment is enigmatic and important

Did you ever have one of those days that, out of the blue, there’s this recurring theme that shows up all around you? This morning , I woke up thinking about “When things aren’t happening according to the plan”, so I talked about that in my (Embedded below). When I got to the office, […]

Looking beyond the initial question

Coming from curiosity is a gift to everyone. When we’re wearing our business hat, how often do we go beyond the initial dialog? Is it always an exchange of information or a negotiation, or can it also include some level of warmer connection? The most effective conversations begin with some form of FORD – (Family, […]