You’re Invited: Optimizing YourSelf

Our Theme: Living your unique purpose Let’s make lemonade with these lemons . . . Re-creating (y)our SELF on purpose as we practice quarantine The covid-19 virus has imposed upon us a sabbatical.What if we were to use this “opportunity” to work on our SELF?How can we (YOU) improve (y)our way of living? I believe […]

Accepting Mediocrity

As the quarantine continues, what are you doing with yourself? Have you put any thought into what things will be like when the shackles of confinement are released by the sounding of: “ALL CLEAR” (or “clear enough”)? Will the world as you have known it for all these years be changed? Have you considered the […]

No need for more

“Less is more” is so Cliche’! As I become more aware of my inevitable potential for mortality, the less I care about having more STUFF. I have recently (this week) returned to a long-time habit of mine which “fizzled” some years ago. This habit is one that served me well for SO many years because […]

Why Honoring Dr Martin Luther King is suddenly important to me

I woke up inspired today and thought I would share this with you and the world. For most of my life, the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King day was “just another day I didn’t have to go to school or work”. It just wasn’t important to me . . . because I was ignorant of the […]