105 Timbercrest Ct – River Oaks – Brentwood, TN – WOW!

I always get very excited EVERY time a Home Owner gives me the opportunity to market a home for sale.  I think of this as “good fortune” . . . It’s an Honor that I take very seriously. 105 Timbercrest Ct is exceptional in SO many ways, and this owner has pulled out all the […]

It only takes ONE!

ONE “RIGHT” Buyer for a house (or whatever it is that you’re selling). ONE great idea to “BREAK THROUGH” the barrier. ONE FOCUS! ONE new lead every day! ONE Marketing Strategy! ONE Discipline ONE Consistent and Persistent ACTION ONE Sphere of Influence (YOURS) “Singleness” beats Multifaceted/Multitasking every time. That on which we FOCUS, EXPANDS! It […]

Monday Morning Coffee – No Foolin’

Good Monday Morning! Tis the 2nd day of the 2nd quarter of 2012, and we’re ready to stop fooling around and get down to some REAL business. Exciting things are happening in our Local Middle Tennessee real estate market (no foolin’) . . . Our market is literally swarming with new activity. Did you have […]

Insider sources reveal plan to hike Mortgage interest Rates

Recent leaks among authorities at the Federal Level have been initially ignored but are now appearing to have some truth. The first indication was simply that: “Mortgage Interest Rates” will be pushed UP very suddenly on a pre-announced date as much 6% bringing the rates into double digits.” This alarming news was initially ignored as […]