“Live Fire Exercise”

Military Troops train incessantly. They practice practice practice . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . Assemble – Disassemble . . . and they DRILL Constantly. Mostly it’s about creating and affirming the value of discipline and coordination. The goal is to make “2nd Nature” every action required to survive […]

Effective Communication

How we communicate often differentiates the smooth deals from the nightmares. In this world of high technology, it’s not uncommon to complete an entire real estate transaction without ever getting face-to-face with the other agent. I like it better when I have more familiarity than their picture on my smart phone, don’t you? What are […]

Monday Morning Coffee – The Power of Positive Thinking

Good Monday Morning! This morning, I have several “Guest Writers” 🙂 Would you like to win the LOTTERY and become an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE? Will the power of positive thinking make this happen for you? I don’t think anyone really knows – Maybe yes – Maybe no . . . But we ALL know that you’ll […]