Let’s GO!

When you stumble into a fabulous new “concept” that you’re SO excited about that you cannot suppress your enthusiasm, DON’T hold yourself (and others) back. A few weeks ago at the World Open Space on Open Space, I met a cool guy from Portugal. His name is Luis Gallardo , and he is the Happiest […]

Thanksgiving Ritual

Since 2015, Seth Godin has posted this post on the Monday before Thanksgiving! Every year, I forward this to everyone I know because I believe that, whether you read any part of this message or do the whole gambit of reading it around the Thanksgiving Table, good will come.Happy Thanksgiving! “If every day were Thanksgiving […]

Finding your Bearing(s)

In short . . . Your “Bearing” is where you are relative to a known point, circumstance, condition, disposition . . . and so on. My first exposure to this homonym (Word with multiple meanings) was relative to “Military Bearing” (see below article from the US Army). Even as Boot Camp Cadets (1981 for me […]

Think – at least – Twice

My personal rule is not to buy on impulse. Often, the Universe conspires to cause me to violate this rule. There are some times when I am unsuspecting and vulnerable to these “attacks”. I fall for the “GREAT DEAL!” or “If you don’t buy this NOW, you’re gonna miss a HUGE opportunity because supplies are […]