Stir the pot

Shake things up! Make a ruckus! Break the mold! Upset the apple cart! Dare to . . . ! Question everything! Quit being so damned responsible and predictable! How scary would this be? What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the BEST that could happen? What would other people think? What matters most? Doing what […]

Sounding Board or Echo Chamber?

Seth Godin and I are on the same wave-length today. People who always prefer validation that their ideas and opinions are flawless have chosen to live in an echo chamber. They thrive on hearing their messages emanating from their vocal chords to proselytizing their wisdom to their indentured followers . . . and take tremendous […]

Who is your company?

To what degree does your company personify you? For some folks, this might be a company that you conceived, attracted and built with your own blood, sweat, and many tears through the years. Presumptively, most of the rest of us consciously made a choice to join the company where and with whom they do their […]

Yes! You DO have time to take care of yourself

Because we consider ourselves to be “in Service to others”, sometimes we forget to tend to our own needs. We let our busyness take control of our lives . . . and we say that we are “too busy” to attend to Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Social, and Mental well being. Don’t do this! Schedule your […]

Your agenda is interfering with our important conversation

The Title of the event hit a resonant chord with me at first glance. I was SO excited to be able to participate in the learning and sharing about this very important issue. THANK YOU SO MUCH for organizing this event! Your invitation is so timely and on-point with the significant shift that we are […]