Rescue Operation Under Way

Good news! We see signs of life!

For Christmas this year, I bought a “Live” tree with the intent to plant it in the yard in the Spring.

She was a pretty little thing, but she didn’t like being inside . . . and the weather was too cold to put her outside, so I did my best to keep her alive.

This is she.

Obviously, she did not respond to my care and decided to turn brown.

Yesterday, I decided to throw in the towel. I would pull her out of the pot and add her to the burn pile accumulating in my fire pit and use the dirt in one of the many random holes in my yard.

BUT . . . Just as I was grabbing her, I noticed GREEN. Lo and behold, there were no fewer than 4 branches that were ALIVE.

We’ve changed the status of her condition from “Search and Rescue” to “Rescue.”

Instead of cremating her, I planted her in one of the holes in the yard, and we are having PERFECT Spring weather with lots of rain.

I’ll be checking her daily for signs of recovery.

Isn’t this interesting?

Even the slightest sign of life reversed my course and (potentially) saved the life of this sweet little tree.

If you’ve read my blog posts in the past, you’ll know that I can’t tell a compelling story without tying it to some business or personal end.

How often do you reach the point of abandoning a pursuit, deal, or relationship after having gone to great lengths to save it?

Do you exhaust every possible remedy before quitting?

Do you pause and contemplate and look for any sign of life whatsoever?

“Sign of Life” births HOPE!

Often HOPE is enough!

Please send all the good fir tree mojo you can muster to Owen Hollow . . . I think my little tree may reach her 70′ potential after all.

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How your cell phone addiction may be damaging your life and career

Do other people people have 24/7/365 access to you?

If so, are you really ever alone?

When you are with someone – anyone – Family, friend, work associate, customer/client, are you ever truly present with them?

How long can you focus without interruption?

Is there any such thing as a “full night of sleep” with that cell phone under your pillow or on the bed stand?

Given all of the above, I’m going to name the real villain . . . Your cell phone has turned you into a “multi-tasker” every moment of your life whether you be awake or asleep – 60/60/24/7/365.

I googled “Multitasking” and found this article with 12 reasons . . . Interestingly, each one is on it’s own page sprinkled with a few ads . . . and each page has many ads, so this offers fantastic information and simultaneously demonstrates the hazards of multitasking as the reader sees such busy pages with so many things screaming for attention on every page.

12 Reasons to Stop Multitasking Now!

Gary Keller once said (while holding his cell phone up): “For whose benefit is this phone?”

Everyone in the audience instantly thought: “For our Family, friends, work associates, and customers/clients to reach us when they need us.”

Gary’s response: “WRONG! Your cell phone is for YOUR convenience, not everyone else’s. Until you “get” this, you will never reach your full quality of life potential.”

(This was in a “Quantum Leap” presentation, and I paraphrase from memory)

I see you checking your phone while driving and/or at every stop light.

I see you sitting with people in restaurants with everyone at the table engrossed by their phones.

I know you wake up from deep sleeps because of chirps and buzzes . . .

I witness you telling other people you’re going to a “quiet place” to really FOCUS on your work . . . with cell phone in-hand.

What would life be like if you (all of us) would pledge to STOP THIS MADNESS?

Here’s my challenge . . . I hope you’ll give this a try . . . and I hope you’ll report back to the “group” in the comments section of this post.

Decide NOW that your cell phone is no longer in control of your life.

In doing so, you will be acknowledging that you understand the difference between URGENT and IMPORTANT . . . and that another person’s URGENT need isn’t necessarily more important than what you are currently doing.

Does this sound selfish?


Then start being selfish – Create some boundaries and let your peeps know what they are.

When you go to bed, put your phone on “Airplane Mode” if you use your phone as an alarm clock . . . or turn the phone OFF (GASP) and buy an old school alarm clock.

Do the same:

  • While driving . . .
  • When being present with other people (in meetings or restaurants etc)
  • When focusing on important tasks
  • When choosing to be alone for introspective contemplation.

I DARE you to make a habit of this!

I KNOW that if you do this AND make a habit of it, Gary Keller is right . . . Your quality of life and personal and professional effectiveness will increase precipitously.

BTW . . . I am guilty as charged on ALL counts, and I know better 🙂

So . . . I’m accepting this challenge along with you . . . starting NOW!

Let’s all do this and become better versions of ourselves . . .

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The Early bird makes hay while the sun is shining

I made it to the office in record time this morning.

Traffic was – well – non-existent, and my usual 45 minute commute was 18 minutes.

Today is the Vernal Equinox . . . The official first day of Spring.

I knew traffic would be light not because of the advent of Spring or the power of the vernal equinox but because most schools in Middle Tennessee are out of session for Spring break.

The occurrence of Spring break gives anyone with school aged kids the perfect chance to “escape from the grind” to the beech or the slopes . . . and many of those without kids will take time off under the heading of: “No one else is working, so why should I?”

This presents a wonderful “early bird gets the worm” period of time for those who stay in town and choose to go to work and find themselves vastly rewarded with this awesome opportunity to get stuff done with far fewer distractions.

Most of the rabble rousers have left town.

Much of the competition left the market.

So quit pouting that you didn’t get to go to the beech . . . revel in the gift you’ve been given.

I’m betting you’ll get more worms this week and accomplish more with far less effort.

I and (most of) The Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty are here and engaged and ready to serve.

Isn’t it about time you started taking action on your desire to make a move?

Happy Spring!

Let’s do this!

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My 2 Favorite Irish Blessings

While the Irish haven’t cornered the market . . .

This days exudes a Spirit of generosity, abundance, and well wishing.

St. Patrick’s day is one of my favorite days of the year.

Green Beer

Lighthearted festivities



So . . . My blog for today is the following 2 Blessings for YOU!

Hope you catch a Leprechaun today 🙂

May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
– Irish Blessing


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5 tips to NAIL your presentation

Do you fear Public Speaking more than DEATH?

Surveys about our fears commonly show fear of public speaking at the top of the list.  Our fear of standing up in front of a group and talking is so great that we fear it more than death, in surveys at least.

Quoted from:  The Thing We Fear More Than Death

This applies to ALL “Presentations” whether they be “Sales Presentations” to 1 or just a few people all the up to “Keynote Speaking.”

This fear is a REAL fear which I believe requires not much more than CONFIDENCE to overcome.

You might, then, ask: “From whence do we acquire said confidence?”

In the past 48 hours, I have attended 2 polar opposite presentations, the first of which would be a classic example of FAIL . . . and the other ranks SUPERB.

Andy Bailey with was the SUPERB presenter.

This got me thinking.

How/Why could the first one be SO poor and the other so magnificent?

Both presenters are experts in their fields – Athletic coach and Business Coach – and both are highly intelligent and successful.

I do a LOT of presenting to groups small and large, so I started thinking about those times when I NAILED the presentation . . . and those when I FAILED.

What were the ingredients in the great ones that were missing in the fails?

IN this post, we’ll assume the given that you the presenter have a relatively deep knowledge of the topic. Without this fundamental knowledge, confidence is difficult to come by because it becomes a power point scripted monologue which is, at best, boring to the audience . . . and at worst, a fiasco when someone in the audience goes “off script” with a question about going deeper into a concept which . . . you don’t know . . . Credibility plunges.

So let’s fix this before we do any more presentations.

The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) applies in all things. If your presentation will be 20 minutes long . . . spend 80 minutes to do the first 4 tips.

Do that, and #5, your performance, will be NAIL and not FAIL.

  1. Know your audience – Research who will be in the room, so you can speak them and not at them. It helps if you can determine their likely personality profile, so you can tailor the tenor and pace of your presentation to be more appealing to the majority of the audience.
  2. Know the intended result – Why did they decided to come to your presentation? What about the theme/topic caused them to show up to hear your presentation. What are their likely expectations, and what’s in it for them to spend this time with you? This is NOT about YOU . . . It’s about THEM, and they won’t be happy at the end if they don’t get what they came for.
  3. Prepare – If you’re using Power Point, video etc, make absolutely positively SURE that your technology will work at the venue. Less is more with respect to the Power Point – Fewer words and bullets and more images. Prepare yourself, so you look presentable. Dress appropriately for the audience – Be well rested – Arrive early (before ANYONE else), so you can be in the space for a while before anyone shows up – Remove yourself from the room 10 minutes prior to starting the presentation to poise and centre yourself mentally.
  4. Practice – do the entire presention 4 times from start to finish – ideally with an audience (Friend, Associate, Accountability partner). Get the timing and the pace right and test all of the technology . . . Welcome feedback from your test audience and make adjustments.
  5. Perform – When you have done the first 4, this is the FUN part . . . ENJOY!


Do these first 4 steps, and what you get is a level of confidence that eradicates that innate fear of public speaking.

Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, tackling this fear of Public Speaking is worth doing.

After all, you might be called upon to propose a toast at a wedding, speak at a funeral, or run for public office.

I am confident that you can find your confidence to speak confidently in public.

Let me know the next time you’re speaking . . . I’d love to be in your audience.



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