Do not say yes then say no!

Don’t say “Yes” until you’re sure it’s not “No”

You probably think I’m crazy, but before you judge me, read the rest of this short story.

I’m “Throwing a party” next week.

Well, it’s not really a party . . . It’s a Mastermind Meeting for a group of relatively “high profile” people gathering to discuss the issues of the day in their industry.

We selected the location carefully. We wanted to meet in a place conveniently located suitable for 25ish people to sequester themselves for a couple of hours.

I first pursued “private dining rooms” in several local restaurants for naught – All were booked.

Then I remembered a local business that I had used a while ago. It’s a perfect space and location and best of all . . . FREE!

I called and inquired, and the lady said: “YES! You can bring your 25 people here.”

Oh joy!

Oh Rapture!

I immediately dispatched an email of this great news to the participants and shifted gears to coordinating the food and beverage delivery.

That was yesterday!

Today, I received this email:


I am so sorry, I meant to email you first,  before I sent you the Conference Room Guidelines. Due to the number of people and the day of the week that you requested is on a Monday, we will not be able to allow usage. If you have a day that works for you on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we will be happy to reserve one for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

How could this be?

We’re now scrambling for a new space “Due to the number of people and the day of the week that you requested is on a Monday” . . . 

So when I made the reservation for Monday and heard the yes response, was I missing some nuance that cancels that possibility with the simple passage of 24 hours?

Oh! And the solution is to have 25 high profile business owners rearrange their schedules because Monday is now not OK?

That ain’t happening.

I know . . . What do I expect for “FREE”?

I understand people make mistakes . . . BUT . . . Don’t let this be your business.

When you screw up, offer a truly viable solution.

I know this Business has multiple other available suitable meeting spaces . . . This goof ball could easily book us into a different location, and we could adjust.

The show must go on, and it will!

I’ll find another space!

I guess the good part of all of this was that I was having a difficult time figuring our what to blog about today . . . At least, they solved THAT problem for me.



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Networking for Introverts

Not all of us are wired for working a room.

I’m that guy who enters a room full of people I don’t know and heads for the remote corner avoiding making eye contact with anyone and everyone.

My preference is to have only a few good conversations that have some real substance . . . talking about one or two issues or opportunities in depth.

Unfortunately, my way isn’t fruitful in terms of generating new business for my business.

Until I decided to learn how to do this better (so I could actually get SOME benefit by attending these events), I decided that it would better for me not to show up at all.

Making great connections that lead to future business is a requirement for any professional or business to achieve a higher level of success.

The world doesn’t care whether or not you’re an introvert because you’re making it so easy for them not to notice you with your evasive retreat to the dark recesses of the room.

When you decide that you do, indeed, want and/or NEED new business opportunities, it might behoove you to shift your mindset so as to turn this networking thing into a profitable venture.

The good news is that you will NOT have to transform your personality from introvert to extrovert.

You do, though, need to turn this into a mind game and hone your strategy.

Here are some things I recommend because they work for me:

Approach others with curiosity

Extroverts LOVE to talk . . . and especially about themselves and their stratospheric success. They crave audiences, and you’re the perfect audience because you can give them exactly what they want. Odds are decent, they’ll do ALL the talking if you let them. Odds are also good that at the end of the monologue/”conversation”, they will think you are BRILLIANT (even though you’ve only spoken 4 words).

In the event they appear to be losing steam, simply ask another simple question . . . Make it all about THEM.

“What’s your business?”

“Why did you choose this career?”

“Who are your best customers/clients and how do you find them?”

“Why did you come to this event? What do you hope to get here?”

“Are you from around here?”

“Do you have family here? Spouse – Kids?”

“How can I help you get more of what you want?”

Invariably, this person will (in the final 30 seconds of this encounter) ask you what YOU do.

You’ve gotta be ready for this with your best “Elevator speech” because as soon they ask this, this is the trigger of the end of the “conversation”.

So . . . “My company is Pareto Realty. We are “The Vital Few” REALTORS, and We represent Home Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee. I am founder, owner, and Principal Broker, and my full focus is on serving my agents quintessentially and helping them build their own niche businesses which provide the quality of life they want and deserve. My “Secret Sauce” is incorporating 80/20 strategy into everything we do. My charge is to build this team, so I am always on the lookout for great agents to join us.”

Provocative enough?

“Let’s get together for a cup a coffee next week.”


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The ultimate Time, Energy, and Money Saving system

Years ago, I decided to forbid any and all Impulse purchases.

Of course, I “fall off the wagon” once in a while and buy stupid and impracticable  stuff that I don’t need, but we’ll chalk that off to being a human in a 1st world country.

The Marketers sometimes win over my will to be “responsible” resulting in spontaneous splurges/binges.

When I’m strong and responsible while shopping on, I will add “wants” to the “cart” and have a personal policy to leave everything I put in the cart a minimum of 24 hours before completing the purchase.

This policy has saved me many thousands of dollars . . . Literally 80% of the stuff I put in the cart never gets bought.

Here’s an example . . . I’m in the market to buy a Pressure Washer for Owen Hollow. I found an awesome one on Amazon for $429 . . . This thing is a MONSTER! Truth is, I could be the “Mack Daddy” of pressure washer owners, if I were to buy this.

I put it in the cart on Friday.

Saturday, I went to COSTCO to price some tires for my “new” collector car (1989 560 SEL Mercedes that was an impulse purchase :-()

While there, I also bought some much needed pants and a few food items and right there next to the crab legs was a large pile of boxes of Pressure washers . . . $279 . . . with all the same specs as the one I had in my Amazon cart. After considering my real need (Occasional light duty use), it was a no-brainer. Well, I didn’t buy it Saturday . . . Decided to chew on it for a few days . . . Did some yard work yesterday and found myself sufficiently disgusted with the filthy siding on the house – and the deck – and the barn, that I decided to pick it up today.

There now . . . I’m saving $150 and getting what I need.

When we are buying things, we are really buying the results of what these things do.

You’re not buying a drill . . . You’re buying the efficiency and quality of the holes that drill makes.

Seth Godin’s Blog post on Saturday was very timely (Copied below).

He mentions this same concept in a different context.

Seth offers this failsafe tip:

Failsafe tip

The last thing to add to an important email is the email address.

Write the thing, save it as a draft, and, an hour later, put the email address in and then hit send.

It’s not clear that you should send an important text, but if you’re going to, write it in a notes app, then copy, paste and send.

Send it when you’re ready, not before.

There’s no ‘recall’ button.


Make this your best new habit, and I promise you a better quality of life.

Hope you have a fabulously uncluttered week.


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Bite sized pieces

When you tackle that architectural marvel of a Thanksgiving plate of food, what’s your way – your strategy for getting the highest level of fulfillment?

There it is all on a single plate – a 1/2 dozen (or more) of your favorite foods right there in front of you to devour.

Imagine the savory smells blending that ignite salivation writ large.

How could you be so lucky?

You have a quandary!

You cannot eat it all at once, so you have to make choices.

Whether you know it or not, you have trained yourself how to deal with this with every other Thanksgiving dinner you have enjoyed.

You have your own, unique way of optimizing this once a year dining experience . . . a way which others may not understand.

The real quandary is how to build a strategy such that you are eating the hot foods while they’re still hot . . . and the cold ones while they are still cold . . . and with every passing minute, all of the food is making it’s way towards room temperature.

While you’re tackling that pile of turkey and gravy, the sweet potato casserole is cooling and the cranberry relish is warming.

I’m playing a game in this blog post – Testing a theory.

My presumption is that the above presentation brought you there in front of that plate of food thereby causing you to salivate.

Capture that moment and “document” your method for getting the most enjoyment from your consumption of what’s on that plate.

Write it down!

This is your current modus operandi for tackling the myriad issues, opportunities, and tasks required.

Now . . . Take a look at that list you have of “things to do” today.

What’s your way . . . your plan for getting it all done most efficiently?

Some folks are “completers” – These are the people who start with the first item on the list and work on that and only that until it is DONE even if it takes all day . . . then they go to the next item and so on. Problem is that this way creates a scenario of the faster you go, the behinder you get.

Others are the “Multitaskers” – These folks do everything at the same time . . . Multiple problems with this relating to inefficiency. Balls drop, food burns on the stove, promises broken, low quality results, and many items started but not finished at the end of the day.

My observation is that the “Single Taskers” consistently get more done in less time with better quality and less stress. The “secret sauce” for these “Single taskers” is that they take each project and break it down to bite sized tasks. Utilizing some “Time Blocking” discipline, they schedule specific blocks of time (30 minutes to not more than 2 hours) for each project with the goal to complete one task . . . When the block of time is over, move on to the next task for another project.

As we get better at orchestrating this flow in our lives, we identify daily patterns and learn how we can get the most bang for every minute of every day.

As difficult as this is to clearly communicate in a single blog post, I want you to know that you already know how to do this.

After all, you do it every Thanksgiving!



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Your REALTOR’s real job is very different than what you might think

Many REALTORS drive fancy cars and seem to party like rock stars most of the time.

The public image is one of a care free public figure who is willing to work 24/7/365 with no need for pesky little things like “quality of life.”

Much of this is affirmed in local and National advertising.

So . . . If you’re not a REALTOR, you may not have the highest regard for Real Estate Sales Professionals.

Following are some doses of reality . . . Things your REALTOR would NEVER tell you because most REALTORS are “ClientCentric” and WAY more humble than their persona indicates . . . That is, when you are working with a REALTOR, YOU are the center of the Universe for your REALTOR.

This creates a selfless service as your REALTOR absorbs the impact of any and all issues that arise throughout the transaction. Most Home Buyers and Sellers never have a clue that their REALTOR saved the deal with a miraculous negotiation at the last minute . . . or saved huge expense by finding a creative solution to a very complex problem.

Additionally, I’m thinking that most people are not aware that every REALTOR is an independent contractor which means the he/she is actually founder/owner/operator of a small business.

In middle TN alone, there are more than 5000 REALTORS . . . LOTS of competition for the business.

Every independent REALTOR wears several hats – Buyer Specialist – Listing Specialist – Fiduciary Confidant – Strategist – Negotiator – Marketer – CFO – Office Manager – Contractor – “Psychologist” – “Family counselor” – connector – Lifelong resource for all things needed by any homeowner . . . EVER.


Every REALTOR I know (which is VERY MANY) loses sleep mulling over issues that have potential to affect or harm their clients.

By definition, we REALTORS are servant leaders in our communities. It is incumbent upon us to know local, state, regional, and National trends that have bearing on the health of our local housing market. Knowing is only the tip of this iceberg. We must also be able to interpret these trends in language that our clients (home buyers and sellers) understand clearly enough to make “right choices” commensurate with their goals and aspirations. The obligation doesn’t stop there . . . We must ALSO engage in these shifts and take action through community participation to help shepherd our market through the transitions over time.

For sure, Everything is always moving.

Bottom line: The onus on all REALTORS is to be THE local experts (authorities) for all things real estate.

This is our charge, and we DID sign up for it.

I’d love to hear some phantom REALTOR HERO stories . . . What issues have you solved that could have done great harm to your clients and didn’t tell them?

Quit being so humble . . . Take the credit if it’s due.



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