You kicked sand in my face

My Daddy is bigger and stronger than your Daddy!

Oh You’re gonna get it . . . My big Brother is going to beat you up.

You are just a meanie!

I’m gonna tell the teacher on you.

Adult version:

My Principal Broker is going to beat up your Principal Broker!

If you don’t straighten up, I’m calling my attorney.

You’re being unethical and unprofessional, and I’m going to report you to the Association AND the Real Estate Commission.


Aren’t we all better than this?

I snapped this picture while touring Cane Ridge High School

Our high Schoolers apparently “Get it” – a la Stephen Covey

Be proactive

Begin with the end in mind

Put first things first

Think win-win

Seek first to understand, then to be understood


Sharpen the Saw

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.

OK Adults!

I think it’s time for a refresher course for some of us on being a responsible adult.

ESPECIALLY in the Social media space where those who have forgotten their social graces can hide behind single dimensional interaction can so easily be party poopers.

A special thanks to the good folks (Moderators) who efficiently “police” their pages.

OBTW . . . If you have a Facebook page, YOU are the moderator of your page, and YOU have the sole responsibility to “Police” the participants on your page.

A good starting point is filtering the banter through the filter of Stephen Covey’s 8 Habits . . .

Be nice!


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Your primary responsibility is now

Yesterday is over, done with, and GONE!

Yep! Whatever happened happened, and we cannot change it.

The future is yet to be experienced, and try as we might we cannot control what happens and how people behave (or not).

Sure we can make plans and set boundaries and “givens” in hopes that our efforts will influence a favorable result.

Aw heck . . . We can even dabble in the illusory pursuit of making rules and being the almighty enforcer, but the harsh reality is that we are not in control, and there are many people and/or circumstance that will render our rules unenforceable.

My observation is that the folks who have mastered the art of living in the present – the moment – the now tend to foster better quality of life for themselves and all the people within their sphere of influence.

These are the people who respond thoughtfully instead of emotionally charged reflexive reactions.

They see the forest AND the trees.

They always seem to have the time to spend the time necessary to listen and participate fully.

When they’re not in the room, people who know them talk about how their mere presence improves the ambiance of any gathering.

Meanwhile . . . others dwell in the past with investigations and finger pointing and allegations and expending huge time, energy, and money deciding whose fault it is that this thing happened and then punishing them accordingly.

I’m not naive . . . not talking about criminal behavior, sexual misconduct, ethical aberrations, etc . . .

All the while, there are those “Dreamers” who construct elaborate images of the future in their minds and create detailed blueprints ad nauseam . . . and fail to take action.

Our primary responsibility is NOW, and the more attention we give to the past and future, the less present we are.

Let’s cease robbing ourselves of this opportunity to live our lives to the fullest by being more attentive to NOW with the people we know, love, and trust the most.

Final thought – I’m not opposed to dreaming in the form of living the present with the intention to travel along “that” azimuth.

Be present Now!

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First – Show Up

If you don’t show up, what will you miss?

Will those who do show up miss you?

Will they take good notes and share them with you later?

Why didn’t you show up?

What was it that was more important than showing up here with us?

Was it an emergent problem of epic proportions which threatened the safety and security of humanity?

Did you goof by committing to be 2 places at the same, and you decided to go to the other . . . or neither?

Think about this . . . How often do you not show up?

Unless you show up, you’re choosing not to engage and participate.

People notice when you fail to show up, and when your not showing becomes habitual, they begin to discount you . . . and begin thinking that they cannot rely on you to be a solid member of the team.

If this shoe fits you and you don’t want to be THAT person, try the following:

Be selective about your commitments. If you don’t want to go, don’t say you will be there. Just say “No thank you! I have another commitment.”

Improve your calendaring skills to avoid double bookings and tardiness.

Consider your commitment to being a member of the group. Would you show up if you were to join a different group?

If you’re not showing up because you don’t enjoy the process of the meeting, what can you do to influence change to make the meetings more productive for everyone?

Not showing up = Apathy




Not to mention that by not showing you’re forfeiting your right to have a say.

Before you get all worried about my mental stability, I’m OK!

This post is not about any meetings or functions I personally host (Although there are some folks who might do well listening to it)

I joined an organization about 18 months ago. This Organization has monthly functions, most of which I attended. I opted out of a few that I knew would not be relevant for me.

At each meeting, we would walk in the door and find a table with name tags for all of the folks who said they would show up.

At the end of every meeting, I have noticed nearly HALF of those name tags still on that table . . . no shows!

I think this is egregious and disrespectful of the host.

If you’re not going to show up, don’t RSVP “yes”


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The ride to the top is powered

Going down is more of a controlled fall.

It is true that when we are “in our element” and what we are doing is in alignment with our core passion, we feel lifted up.

When we follow our heart, we climb until we LAUNCH!

Yes . . . most of us don’t slip effortlessly into following our true passion because we have “obligations” . . . or we fall into that trap of keeping up with the joneses . . . or we listen to other people who tell us we can’t possibly do THAT and make a decent living.

Following your heart isn’t the easiest path because society is conspiring against us with all of these distracting temptations and social constructs . . . even as the Universe is cheering for us to survive this gauntlet and emerge (Phoenix rising).

Reaching that point at which we can actually proclaim that we have made full commitment to this passion as personal life purpose (Our personal YUGE WHY), is the point at which we lift off the runway and soar . . . or we find the stairs have become an escalator thereby making our rise happen faster with less effort.

Interestingly, this is a rite of passage for all of us.

There’s a story behind this post – As I was leaving the Greater Nashville REALTORS Awards of Excellence Gala Saturday night, Richard Courtney and I approached the escalator at the same time. The Down escalator was not moving, and the up escalator was moving . . . This created a very disorienting experience (vertigoish) . . . Richard commented that I would probably blog about it, so . . .


If you’re in this pursuit of following your heart and finding it to be a struggle, I beg of you to continue the climb.

With each step, you’re getting closer to lift off . . . and when you do lift off, you’ll soar . . . and everyone will comment how passionate and happy you are and how cool it is that you are being who you really are.


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You may never know why

There’s no accounting for crazy people!

You know those times when you’re doing your best to do what you do, and you encounter one of those people who is completely off the charts CRAZY?

Every time you talk to this person, it’s like talking to a totally different person than the one you talked with yesterday.

You get gun shy calling at all because you don’t know which version you’re going to get . . . The nice one or the BEAST.

By all appearances, this person has decided to do everything imaginable to sabotage your world and whatever transaction is in play.

Don’t be a victim!

Disengage and regroup by constructing a chronological accounting of everything that happened throughout the transaction.

Review all of the documents and shift to a default of “rote modus operandi” . . . Follow the black and white, written original agreement.

Be as terse, pithy, and matter-of-fact as you can in all ensuing communications.

Whatever you do, don’t let’m see or sense you twitching.

Know that there’s likely something dreadful happening in the life of this “crazy person” that’s causing that person not to be nice and rational.

Perhaps Death, Illness, Financial, relationship (divorce) . . .

Don’t poke the bear . . . Be calm, cool, and collected and develop a mantra of “working together to do whatever it takes to get this transaction over the finish line.”

Remind everyone involved why we’re all together in this deal.

The Buyer likes the house and wants to live in it . . . The Seller wants or needs to move on to another house . . . Let’s not allow high emotions to deny them this opportunity.

After all we’ve been through together, I think we all have equal responsibility to maintain our composure and see our way through.

If you need to “justify” this difficulty with civil communication, just relegate it to the possibility that you’ve encountered a person who not necessarily “CRAZY” but may just be “oil and water personalities . . . irreconcilable differences.

The good news is that if you DO succeed in crossing that finish line with civility, you’ll each have more respect with each other.

and you may ultimately, after the fact, find some commonality with the victory.

Just some food for thought as I witness so many people struggling with other people’s ideas and emotions.

What say you?


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