Circle the wagons

When under attack, the settlers circled their wagons for cover and protection.

This provided for them a 360 degree defensive perimeter and the advantages of cover and concealment and fields of fire.

When I was in the army learning battlefield strategy and maneuver, cover, concealment and fields of vision were always the first consideration.

Is our position protected from enemy fire (bullets)?

Is concealment adequate such that our attackers cannot know about our capabilities (Number of people, Weapons, Ammunition Supply, Sustenance/Food etc.

Do we have a good line of sight for the whole 360 degrees, so the attackers cannot sneak up on us with SURPRISE? are there any “Dead Zones” in our line of sight in which the attackers can be hiding without us seeing them?

How can this concept improve your quality of life and personal and professional well-being?


Circle your wagons around you and the people, things and principles that are important to you.

Hope you have a great, long weekend and remember that Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting our freedom and way of life.




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Who is at fault?

I think it’s time for a LYNCHING!

Who’s with me?

We’ll have a meeting and conspire to unite, build a case, and DESTROY this heathen.


Get your guns and torches!

Let’s get this witch hunt under way.

If we’re loud and obnoxious enough, we might even get to be on TV.


That thing that happened?

We won’t rest until we find out who did it, so we can crucify this perp.

Meanwhile . . . What good are we doing?

Could we redirect some (or all) of this toxic energy towards a more useful purpose?

Can we let go and choose to focus on healing those who have been harmed by this egregious happening?

Why don’t we organize an event and invite the entire community, so we can talk about things and get to know our neighbors better?

Let’s do something radical with all of this angry energy and start a charitable initiative.

We could start having “clean-up” days to make our living environment pretty . . . or turn that overgrown lot into a community garden.

Who cares if it makes the news as long as it’s making a positive impact?

When real issues and important opportunities surface which need the immediate attention of a wide diversity of people and potential for conflict, there’s no better time to come to the community hub where everyone who comes has a say.

This is how issues have been addressed for many hundreds of years within aboriginal tribes . . . and they always found resolution with efficiency immediately followed by fantastic celebrations.

My Father Harrison Owen “discovered” a meeting methodology known and practiced all over the world to help groups of any size and composition self-organize to tackle issues and opportunities important to all who show up . . . It ALWAYS “works” and it is named Open Space Technology¬†¬†. . . and it’s something I have practiced and studied for all of the 32ish years since Dad began “holding space.”

As I see more and more conflict in the world – Local, regional, National, and global – I always think of my Father saying:

“Just keep on opening space . . . because it ALWAYS works”

I love opening space and helping organizations (groups of people) find resolution to real important issues and opportunities. Connect with me if you’re interested in learning more.

Barry Owen

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Who is protecting your goal?

Beware! Following is a string of random thoughts from the Nashville Predators WIN last night.

The stats the announcers thought were significant:

  • Rinne (The Predator’s Goalie) had an AMAZING number of “saves”
  • Sissons (Preds) had a Hat Trick (3 Goals) that most fans didn’t know about because the first goal was initially credited to another player
  • The Ducks had more than DOUBLE the number of shots on goal (41-18)
  • Preds scored 6 points with 18 shots on goal
  • Ducks scored 2 points with 41 shots on goal
  • Prior to this game, all but one of the teams that scored first LOST the game.
  • The Preds were STILL down their 2 injured STAR leaders

My observations:

  • Our “7th man” (The fans) SHOWED UP last night – BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER the game – This WAS a whole city team effort
  • The Ducks played a very offensive game as evidenced by the disparity in shots on goal.
  • The Preds played a very defensive game (which made me nervous in the 2nd period)
  • It takes more energy to play offensively – The ducks were VERY fatigued and angry in the 3rd period – which made them sloppy.
  • Yes Rinne (Preds Goalie) played an AMAZING game, but he did not create this win – he was a participant – The defenders between him and the Duck’s offense played an equally AMAZING game.
  • The defensive strategy kept our offense fresher for a strong finish.
  • As long as no one shaves a beard, I think the Preds have a great shot at keeping this momentum rolling to win the Stanley Cup.

Of course, I have some “Life and Business” learnings from this play-off series:

  • When your team IS a team, no player is more important than the others.
  • Play with a strategy for endurance . . . one that conserves energy.
  • Leave it ALL on the ice EVERY game.
  • Play with heart – This is not a job . . . It’s a passion.
  • Love and acknowledge your 7th Man – You know who your cheerleaders and supporters are . . . Thank them and be humble and kind.
  • Do whatever it takes to protect your GOAL!
  • Less “try” and more “DO” WINS . . .
  • Pay attention to your conversion points and measure
  • THOSE. How can you increase your % converted?
  • How many leads do you need in order to close enough business to earn enough $ to live the life you want?
  • What efficiencies can you implement to decrease the number of leads needed for each score?
  • Know when is best for defensive posture vs offensive posture.

Simply said:

Be intentional in everything you do!

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The resolve to win

The Nashville Predators are making history on the ice . . .

Even as 2 of their “best” players are not playing due to injuries, the team has rallied to win their way to a 3-2 advantage in their “Best of 7” contest with the Anaheim Ducks.

The announcers of the game on Saturday were surprised and maybe even SHOCKED that the Preds WON.

How could this be?

Down by their 2 best players . . . surely their morale would waver, right?

How could they possibly win without these 2 long-time leaders in the mix?

Our Preds played with heart, and it became obvious that they were in that game to WIN!

There was no other option.

Even 3 power plays in row resulted in zero Duck points.

I talked about this in my facebook live drive time broadcast – catch it on my facebook page or go to

Well – WIN, they did 4-2!

This is a real TEAM with the RESOLVE to WIN!

That’s a formidable combination.

Some teams would fall apart without their stars and relegate the loss to just that.

Not our Predators . . .

They came to WIN, and they were committed to doing as a team whatever it would take to WIN.

How much more success might we all have with that level of resolve?

hmmmm . . . .

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The value of being light on your feet

Dancers know this term “Light on your feet”

What does it mean to be light on your feet?

(Click the link for required reading from a Salsa Dancer’s blog)

This is the state of being “grounded” such that you can “change your weight in an instant.”

We are all dancers in this thing called life.

Some of us are better and smoother at dancing than others, and I believe it boils down to this simple concept of being light on your feet.

When properly grounded and centered, we are more stable and intentional with every movement.

We get to this state through preparation and FOCUS.

In all things, we increase in confidence as we learn the importance of being more deliberate thereby opening the space for making smooth transitions when surprises show up.

Those who are light on their feet expect to be surprised and embrace change without losing balance.

So . . . I hope you’ll dance!


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