The essence of you . . .

What makes YOU so special!

Have you ever paused the madness of your personal and professional life only for the purpose of pondering your authentic essence?

es·sence ˈ- the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.”
Simpler said: “What do you stand for?”
When you invite people into your life as friend, client, partner, associate, neighbor, acquaintance, what are they “getting?”
What’s in it for them to have you in their lives?
What qualities do you ooze that attract the right people into your life?
I hereby challenge you to “save a date” 2 weeks from your first reading of this blog post as a deadline for identifying all the words you can which describe your essence. Write them where you will see them frequently – on a white-board or clip board that you carry with you,
If you get “stuck”, feel free to call a friend, family member, or work associate to ask them what THEY think they get through their relationship with you.
If you REALLY want to get the most out of this “exercise”, gather a group of your favorite people to do this with you thereby adding an oft necessary component commonly known as “ACCOUNTABILITY” 🙂
Upon reaching the “deadline”, assemble all of your essence words and distill them down to no fewer than 3  and no more than 7 of these about yourself:
quintessences – the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.”
Now that you know (better) who you are, what you stand for, and your true benefit to others . . . claim this power within and do MORE of all that and less of the other stuff every minute of every day from here until eternity.
THIS is where the rubber meets the road in terms of authenticity as you serve the right people at the right times without judgement and regret.
Truth telling writ large . . .
Will you do this and let me know how it goes?
We “Vital Few” Members of Pareto Realty are doing this with a deadline of November 14, 2017.
This is our first assignment for our Real Estate Sales firm from TRACTION – Get a grip on your business by Gino Wickman.
As we do this for our company, we learn more about our self.
YOU ARE INVITED: Wednesday 11/15/17 11-1, join us for some “unpacking” of some of the ideas in this post – Our 5th Session of Life Rhythm – “Working on your SELF”
Our list (so far) is below:
We care
Niche Oriented
Productivity minded
Truth teller
Taking responsibility
Life Rhythm
Learning based
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We don’t buy houses by the square foot

We buy many things by the pound.

Meat, Cheese, Dog food . . .

or by the volume . . . Beer, Milk, Gravel . . .

Pricing houses is more art than science.

Sure, many REALTORS will initially do Price/Square foot analysis when working with a home Seller to determine a “great” listing price, but that only gets the valuation “in the ball park.”

Using Price/Square Foot, we can justify $400,000 or $600,000 for the SAME house.

Many markets do not publish square footage of houses. Here in Middle Tennessee, we do.

So . . . our P/SF analysis gets us into that range of $400-600K . . . Where from here?

What’s our perfect listing price?

I believe the “PERFECT” listing price is the price that results in the Seller reaching purchase agreement with a Buyer within 3-5 weeks of hitting the market. This price is low enough to attract ready, willing, and able Buyers to come take a look . . . and high enough to fetch the highest amount possible and best terms for the Seller.

Why do I say 3-5 weeks? (Some folks may not agree with me that’s “acceptable” in this HOT market). I believe the best price is the one that comes from “full exposure” to the entire market.

A house sold “off the market” may have gotten a higher price if it were marketed to to the full array of potential Buyers.

A house sold in 3 hours with multiple offers OVER the listing price may mean one of the following 2 things:

1) Maybe not listed at a high enough price

2) Has a higher likelihood of not getting to the closing table because of potential for “Buyer’s remorse for paying “too much” . . . or inability to appraise thereby putting the kibosh on the loan.

The “Art of pricing” requires accounting for myriad factors:

  • The observable condition and cleanliness of the house
  • The degree of appropriate Updating and decor
  • The exterior – Yard and landscaping – Pool, Outdoor living areas, fencing
  • The immediate neighbors and the perceived neighborliness of them
  • The street
  • The Neighborhood
  • Community amenities
  • Schools
  • Proximity to shopping, places of worship, parks & Recreation
  • among MANY others.

I believe that there’s an oft neglected component of smart pricing . . .

We’ve used P/SF to get us in the range . . . and then done analysis only within that range.

Should we not also concern ourselves with the rest of the market in that area? What’s going on above $600K and below $400K?

What’s trending?

Sometimes we’ll see that everything below $400K is selling in minutes with almost no available inventory . . . In our range $400-$600, there might be 3-5 weeks of inventory and above $600K 6 months or more of inventory . . . These are things we should KNOW before determining our price.

Here’s the gut-wrenching truth . . . After considering all of the above, the final listing price boils down to “gut feeling” of REALTOR and Seller.

OBTW – What the Seller wants or needs has no bearing whatsoever on what the market is willing to pay.


Just speaking truth . . . Don’t shoot the messenger.

Whether in a HOT market or a chilly market, all of the pricing principles above apply.

We REALTORS are strategists, not seers or scientists.

Here at Pareto Realty, we have MANY pricing conversations in the office as we collaborate with each other to help our Home Sellers price their houses at that perfect 3-5 week price.

It ain’t rocket science . . .

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It’s time for your Annual Review

I know 2017 isn’t over yet.

We have 60 days left to finish strong AND to begin the creation of a WAY better 2018.

60 days is just the right amount of time to debrief our progress and performance throughout 2017.

It’s time to get clear on where we were January 1, 2017 and where we are now, and how we got from there to here.

What did we we do right (or wrong), and how can we crank up the volume in the coming months?

I’ve developed a “Pre-Flight checklist” that helps with this oh-so-important first step of setting yourself up for success in 2018.

The real goal is to identify the destination, map the course, tune up our models, systems, and tools, and make sure we have all the right people on board.

The more intentional we are about this “exercise, the better the odds we will reach our destination.

I talked about this in my morning “Facebook Live” Drive Time with Barry,

I and the Vital Few members of the Pareto Realty team of Real Estate Sales Professionals are excited about our destination for 2018.

The coming year will be one of growth as our brand continues to mature.

As more agents become aware of Pareto Realty’s uniquely simple (and relatively low cost) business model AND our commitment to making sure that each and every member of our team find the individual success they seek, our firm will too find the success we together seek.

It all begins with the “Pre-Flight Checklist”

If you’re “local” (Anywhere in Middle TN), let’s meet to work through this together to help you get on your right path.

Not local?

No worries . . . We can schedule a telephone conversation.

(All confidential and discreet)

No cost or obligation.

Let’s blow the doors off this Popsicle stand in 2018

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Taking inventory . . . of your goals!

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!

That means that we have 2 months to “finish” 2017.

For some folks, finishing a year is all about the passage of time. The ball drops, and we enter the new year with a “good riddance” nod to the outgoing year.

January 2, it’s “back to work” at more of the same as the year before just chomping at the bit to break our New Years resolution(s).

For others, finishing the year is pushing the envelop all the way to the end to squeeze the MOST out of every second of the outgoing year. We’re pushing to EXCEED our annual goals that we set for ourselves and our business Last Fall.

At the same time, we’re “Taking Inventory” . . .

How have we done this year?

How could we have done better?

What opportunities did we miss?

Which opportunities do we wish we hadn’t pursued?


What will we do differently in the new year?

WHO should we invite to journey with us going forward?

Who is with us now who may not be right for being on our bus?

NOW is the time to start thinking these thoughts and constructing 2018.

Party with the scary ghouls and goblins and Superheroes tomorrow night, and wake up on the morn of November 1 with a freshly cleansed outlook on creating a 2018 that’s SO much better than 2017.

When the ball drops on December 31, CELEBRATE all that was GOOD about 2017 and let that good mojo lift you into the jetstream that’ll whisk you into fulfillment of your goals and dreams for 2018.

OK! Time to swing into action to finish 2017 STRONG!

Get out there and make magic for the remaining 62 days.

(I’m your biggest cheerleader).

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It’s YOUR turn!

With great anticipation, you “play the game.”

You know that the fruits of your labor will be oh-so-delicious.

I know it’s been a long and sometimes difficult journey and you can clearly see where you are going because you have crafted your own version of your future carefully.

For sure, there have been times when you had the thought that there was some kind of conspiracy working against you.

SOMEONE is SABOTAGING your effort . . . or is this simply the rite of passage for you?

You continue forward because you believe.

Even though you’re not sure HOW you will get there, you are CERTAIN that you WILL get there.

All we can do is our best knowing all along that we are making a difference.

We acknowledge that almost nothing of real significance has ever happened according to the plan.

We also know that most successful people have FAILED far more times than they’ve succeeded.

Just ask any sports player at any level.

One thing they will ALL say:

“The more shots you take, the better your odds of winning the game.”


“It takes a Village (Team) . . . ”

Keep on shooting!

I KNOW you will get “There.”

I believe!


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