What will you do to WIN?

Is winning the game the MOST important thing?

Will you throw all caution in the wind, pull out all the stops, mash the pedal to the floor, and go for broke . . . just for the WIN?

Does it matter what other people think about you after you WIN?

Will it matter to you if your competition walks away thinking you play dirty?

Is WINNING worth losing relationships?

What got me thinking about this was last night’s game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Those Penguins played D.I.R.T.Y, and they WON . . . and I respect them much less now than I did before that game. Before that game, I had admiration for their star player (Crosby) because he has an amazing career and clearly has a Mastery level of skill and expertise on the ice.

Last night, Crosby was a thug on the ice . . . plain and simple.

Truthfully, he (and others on his team) didn’t have to be that way to win that game. The Predators were off their game, and those Penguins could have kept it clean and still won that game handily.

and then I heard one of the announcers (who showed real lack of class more than a few times) celebrating how the Penguins were punishing the Predators not so much to win game 5 but to DAMAGE the Predators and wear them down so as to beat them in game 6. The implication was that the Penguins were intentionally trying to injure the Predators . . . to win the cup in game 6.

This was a matter of “kicking the predators while they were down” and was unnecessary.

I see this play out sometimes in Real Estate transactions. Some of the sweetest agents can morph in Satan himself and push ALL the ethical and legal and socially acceptable boundaries just for the WIN.

Of course on our side of things, we don’t know if that agent is the thug or if it’s that agent’s client who’s the thug.

What we do know is that this a very toxic way to do business and does more damage than good in the long run.

So . . . Negotiate hard and win what you can win in good conscience . . . and keep it clean lest you isolate yourself from you colleagues.

Then where will you be?

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Premier Green Hills Nashville Condo Rents at a fraction of the cost of other apartments

Rental rates for Apartments and Houses has SOARED in Nashville, TN

We are “enjoying” the ultimate “It City” phenomenon of being center stage in just about every conceivable way . . . Including our Nashville Predators SMASHVILLING our way to win the Stanley Cup.

All of this momentum is bringing @ 100 people into our MSA EVERY DAY, and all of those people gotta live SOMEWHERE, right?

This has created a virtually ZERO inventory real estate market . . . Any houses going on the market are selling IMMEDIATELY (Assuming they priced appropriately) and many with multiple competing offers.

Developers are building apartment buildings by the dozens and are fetching HIGH rents . . . Rents at rates that could be payments for @ $300,000+ mortgages for 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom units under 700 square feet.

We know this will ultimately settle down and that many of today’s renters will become tomorrow’s Home and Condo BUYERS, so we keep on riding the wave 🙂

There ARE more economical rental options than the downtown apartments.

Would you believe you can literally get TWICE the space (1326 SF 2BR/2BA + Office) in prestigious Green Hills . . .

. . . overlooking a beautiful lake

. . . with walking trails, swimming pools (yes 2 – Adult and Family), Tennis Courts

. . . in the middle of a peaceful neighborhood of Condos and Single Family Houses?

Yes $2,100/Month.

This unit is perfect for room mates (split bedroom suites) and has a LARGE covered deck overlooking the lake (With fish and turtles and herons etc)

Yes – You CAN live here for a twice the living space and far more amenities than most any other rental option in Nashville.

This is a Link to more information and Pictures.


Connect with Barry Owen 615-568-2123 or Barry@ParetoRealtyLLC.com for more information or to schedule a viewing.

Your Work Environment Affects Your Success and Happiness

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How your Work Environment Affects Your Success and Happiness

Do you LOVE going to your office?

If not, what about it is spoiling your groove?

Is it a people problem?

This could one person or a pack of bullies or an overbearing Boss or simply a case of toxic interpersonal BS that’s disrupting your mojo and flow.

Maybe it’s the rules and the way things are done?

Does it seem that some of your work associates enjoy favoritism from the rulers.

Is it a pay issue?

Mess with my money, and I’ll be angry, right?

Don’t make me wait to be paid and pay me fairly and accurately.

Do the tools work?

After all, how can you get anything done if you’re always being thwarted by supply or technical issues?

Ambiance . . . Generally speaking, do you feel good being in your office?

When you are there, are you “home” at your office?

Is this the right mix of people with similar goals and aspirations regarding their work, and does it all align with your mindset?

If any (or all) of the above contribute to your lack of exuberance about your office, I have 3 questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. Can you fix the problem (effect Change) such that your happiness and effectiveness improves?
  2. Is it time for you to explore other places to work within your chosen field of expertise?
  3. Is it time for a career change/shift?

If you are a real estate sales professional in Middle Tennessee and you are less than tickled pink with your office environment, I hereby invite you to connect with me to schedule an appointment to learn more about Pareto Realty’s Beliefs and perspective (People, Systems, and Tools). We are on a growth path and are committed to supporting our agents such that they can sell more houses than they ever imagined.



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That doesn’t work anymore

We humans have always lived in a world of innovation.


As long as we’ve been wandering this planet, we’ve always been thinking of better, faster, and more efficient ways to do the things we want to do.

That’s our lot in life . . . almost never completely content with the status quo as we encounter frustration and begin imagining how we could get this accomplished more easily.

Some are more action oriented with their musings of better ways . . . These are the innovators (Inventors) whose contributions result in the one thing that we ALL resist – CHANGE!

Pretty much every day whether you know it or not, most of the on-line programs you use up-date with new features or efficiencies of code . . . While most of these up-dates happen undetected, they might disrupt your flow even if only the pesky fact that they moved things around on the screen.

How many great ideas and/or inventions have you had throughout your life that you failed to implement? How rich and famous would you be today if you had acted on them?

Doesn’t it aggravate the Dickens out of you when you see that very same invention you imagined 3 years ago FOR SALE by someone who took action on it?

The people who win in this game of innovation are the ones who understand the airy fairy concept of the “Global Brain” . . . Simultaneous thinking and creating within the minds of people . . . AND seizing the concept and TAKING ACTION knowing that multiple other people have had the same thought . . . The first one to the patent office WINS.

I had one of these ideas today . . . Could it be MY famous invention that funds my retirement?

Only if I take action . . .

Will I?

What will YOU do with your next great idea?

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Don’t be your own worst enemy

That upon which you focus . . . EXPANDS!

What’s your batting average of creating the perfect mindset for making the things you worry about happen?

We all do this to ourselves occasionally.

Things aren’t going as planned – or we get up on the wrong side of the bed – or we’ve simply slid into a FUNK and cannot help but think about all the bad things that could/might happen.

Your mind is a powerful thing, and you CAN unthink this stuff.

Do as we learned to do when our kids were temper tantrum throwing toddlers . . . We implemented a “Pattern Disconnect” to “Redirect” them.

An amazing amount of the time this WORKED!

“HEY! LOOK! It’s a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly!”

We all have this capacity pre-programmed in our brains.





Carry on . . . and you’re welcome!

Other than death, there’s nothing we cannot overcome.

Happy hump day!


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