Going to the well of wisdom

As much as we all would like to think that we know it all . . .

You know – We’re the quintessential professionals who have a staid commitment to staying abreast of all of the quirks and trends of our industry.

We attend myriad classes and seminars and webinars and read books and network with our peers because we want to keep our fingers on the pulse of EVERYTHING having to do with our line of expertise.

(How’s THAT for a run-on sentence?)

All of that stuff I reference above is an important accumulation of KNOWLEDGE, and it will help us achieve proficiency/validity in our field.

With vast knowledge, we can rise to the status of being known as one of “The Vital Few” career professionals.

We are in the TOP 20% of all of our peers, and we exemplify this through our discipline, habits, and efficient productivity.

Our proof is that we “Vital Few” produce more than 80% of the total volume of sales/results.

This is an admirable feat . . . something for which we can be proud.

We can claim FAME in our discipline of choice.

I believe there’s a “more lofty” claim for a VERY small segment of our population – one of NOTORIETY!

These are folks who are known not only for their great knowledge but also for their wisdom.

Wisdom comes from a variety sources – Years of experience is the most oft referenced as most of these wise curmudgeons have a never ending stream of great stories flowing forth from their mouths and prolific writings.

It’s not uncommon for the “Young Lions” to discount these old codgers as being old and stale and unable to grasp/learn the new ways of business. After all, they are not nearly as adept at using the new technology . . . and seemingly resist adopting it into their practice because their “way” has worked for all these years.

I believe the 2nd source of wisdom is one that cannot be marketed.

This is a source that many very knowledgeable experts discount as being irrelevant to today’s ways.

At some point, these “Vital Few” professionals experience an awakening of sorts as they begin to realize that they are now becoming one of those old curmudgeons themselves.

This is usually a humbling awakening . . . one that begs for a different kind of wisdom . . . the timeless wisdom that we hear from those who came before us.


The most wise of all of us are those who have sought old wisdom in the form of inviting the old(er) geezers to tell their stories . . . and documenting these “oral tradition” stories.

Sound familiar?

When you’re ready to “graduate” from “Thought Leader” to “Guru” . . . consider first where the wisdom resides.

This is when you strike up conversation with that old guy who doesn’t say much . . . or you visit your parents for the sole purpose of hearing their tales.

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When people say this cannot be done . . . Don’t listen!

When I joined the ranks of Real Estate Sales Professionals, there was very little sales training available.

The year was 1993 – no internet yet.

Our MLS listings were published bi weekly – Yes – HUGE Telephone book (remember those?) sized books.

My first Broker assigned me to a desk with a phone and said: “Good luck!”

Within a few days, it was clear to me that the phone wasn’t going to ring unless I did something to make it ring.

All of the incoming calls came in to the Brokerage (Yes! ALL inquiries on listings came into the firm’s main line – We didn’t have cell phones).

The receptionist would note the caller’s name, phone number, and property address and deliver this to the Principal Broker (Owner) who would “assign” that caller to an agent and collect a 50% referral fee (BEFORE the 40% split). Believe you me . . . there was favoritism galore . . . a small group of High performers got the best leads – ALWAYS!

Seeing as I had no other source of income, I had to do SOMETHING to get business, so I started looking for training.

I heard about the concept of “Farming” a neighborhood, and I LOVED it because I knew EVERYONE in the neighborhood I grew up in . . . Surely THEY would be great prospects.

I spent lots of time, energy, and money sending letters and postcards and advertising in the newspaper targeting this neighborhood, and that wasn’t getting me anywhere closer to financial reward because . . . no one EVER moves out of that neighborhood . . . There were no houses to sell.

I was like a mouse in a maze.

There was NO way I was going to accept failure and quit.

I would try just about anything, and I noticed a trend.

Each time I had a new idea, I would run it past a few of the “more seasoned” agents who would immediately shoot it down as a bad idea that would only waste my time, energy, and money.

One day, my phone rang (FINALLY) – I answered and had my first conversation with a “Telemarketer” who was inviting me to an “Exclusive Sales Training Seminar” featuring the oh-so-famous Joe Stumpf from California who was going to teach me the key to unlocking unlimited lead potential by learning and working his “By Referral Only” selling system.

All the agents in the office told me I was wasting my time going to such a seminar.

Well – I HAD to do SOMETHING, so I attended the seminar which turned out to VERY informative and motivational.

I joined Joe’s coaching club (at great expense) and LAUNCHED my career.

This is a “Rags to Riches” story of sorts.

I learned not to listen to the naysayers.

I learned that I was born with all of the power and knowledge I could possibly need to be successful at anything I chose to pursue.

Just because something didn’t work well for others, doesn’t mean much either.

I have since learned through LOTS of experience that most people DON’T succeed as a result of these programs . . . and it’s not the fault of the program or system.

Most of the people who claim that these things don’t work fail because of THEIR failure to do the work – to adopt a new discipline – to FOCUS and COMMIT.

Get away from those people and go hang out with the “Vital Few” . . . Those 20 % of the human population who see lemonade . . . not lemons.

If you’re not achieving the success you desire, consider with whom you’re hanging.

When you’re with them, are they supportive, non-judgmental confidants who aren’t scared to challenge you in a way that bolsters your resolve to continue forward momentum towards clearly defined goals?

If not, I think it’s time for you to turn the page.

Need more of a nudge?

Watch this video of Seth Godin!

Will you let me know how this new perspective affects your outlook and results.



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I don’t think this is what Jeff Bezos had in mind

Good morning Jeff Bezos!

It’s been a while since we’ve talked – Well, you and I have never met, but you did have a conversation with my Father who will never forget it.

I know that many years have passed since you, as Owner/CEO of Amazon, personally gave Dad a call to follow up with him to be sure that his service experience was pleasing.

Dad was using Amazon to distribute his books which he self published and was head over heels ecstatic about the call . . . so much so, he stills tells the story frequently.

Amazon has grown in size and complexity since then (a GROSS understatement), so I am certain you are no longer making those calls . . . You’re a busy guy!

Sadly, it appears your company has “evolved” to the scale that there are NO humans at Amazon.com who have time to speak to your customers . . . even when things go awry.

Yes! It seems that y’all don’t care anymore.

You’re so big, you’ve graduated (in your mind) to the lofty position of being too big and powerful to fail.

Normally, I wouldn’t use my blog/video space talking about a specific poor customer service experience, but Amazon.com┬áhas found my last nerve.

I’d call to talk with a “Customer Service Representative” who would likely be able to solve my problem in 3 minutes or less, but those humans don’t seem to exist in your organization.

There are no (ZERO) telephones numbers on your site even though you reference “Contact us” and “Help” both of which take your valuable customers into a labyrinth of ways to solve the problem none of which include any possibility of human contact.

Jeff, (assuming you’re still reading) my story is a simple one.

I buy pretty much everything but food from Amazon.com because it provides good selections at great prices with free shipping.

This is Apollo.

He’s a legendary Golden Doodle with a heart of gold.

He’s aging, so I decided that I would get him an orthopedic bed.

I found the perfect bed at the perfect price on Amazon.com and ordered it to be delivered before Thanksgiving.

There were other items in the order (Who orders JUST the one thing they intended to order?).

The other items showed up on my stoop 2 days later (as promised) . . . but not the bed.

Every day, I watched for it.

Every day, my hopes were dashed.

A week passed, and my fear was that Amazon had failed me and Apollo.

Yesterday, my fear was realized with THIS!


It was bad enough that Amazon promised delivery . . . It was clear to me that Amazon didn’t care enough to include me in the resolution of this problem.

Jeff, I don’t want a refund . . . I want Apollo to be able to sleep on that orthopedic bed.

I didn’t make the mistake, yet I am the one who will have to wait for the damaged bed to be received by the seller for the refund, and then I will have to re-order the bed and hope it shows up.

Jeff, your company has broken trust that you’ll do the right thing.

Even worse . . . You haven’t seemed to care.

Enjoy your time at the top because I know that it’s these little breaks in trust that damage companies that will accumulate over time and become lethal . . . yep, even gargantuan companies like yours.


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Tis now the season to be THE source for ALL things Real Estate

Many REALTORS go into hibernation when the weather gets frightful.

If the weather doesn’t happen to be frightful, there’re are many other perfectly sound reasons to take your foot off the gas . . . to decrease the intensity of our business during the Holiday season and beyond.

Why not have your cake and eat it too?

I’m NOT a party pooper!

In fact, quite the opposite because I am a staunch advocate of partying like a rock star during this celebratory time.


If you have nowhere to go, invite others and be the host of the party(ies).

I challenge you to see IN PERSON every person you know in the next 6 weeks.

This is the best “Lead Generation” you could ever do . . . be with (and be seen by) lots of people.

Whether you’ve been a REALTOR for 2 weeks or 25 years, YOU are THE source for ALL things real estate to all of these people.

Everyone just LOVES to talk about real estate, so you’re doing everyone a HUGE favor by mentioning that you are a Real Estate Sales Professional.

What you’re doing is offering a topic of discussion that is sure to stimulate copious profound insights and experiences.

Just by the sheer nature of the fact that you have a real estate license, you’ve become a real estate “public figure”, and people crave hearing your answer to the question:

“How’s the market?”

As you’re basking in your new-found fame, take good notes.

“Debrief” yourself the day after each party to make a list of everyone you saw and what real estate related did they say.

If they’re not already in your database, add them along with good notes.

Send them a handwritten card in the mail.

Attend party – Debrief – Send handwritten note . . . Repeat!

Don’t be a secret agent!


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A new perspective on the meaning of “Career”

Life’s too short to allow your career to fully consume your being.

Let those words sink in.

For sure, your career is likely an essential component of your life because you’ve gotta eat and keep a roof over your head and keep yourself active (Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Socially, Emotionally) and for many, it’s part of their “worth.”

Just as I would hope that a person doesn’t determine her worth based on what she perceives other people think about her or think she “should be doing” . . . I’m also hopeful that “worth” is deeper than this.

After all . . . it really is Turtles all the way down.



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