The importance of celebrating a birthday!

Today is Pareto Realty’s Birthday!

Yep – Our firm license “posted” September 14, 2010.

Our baby is growing up.

8 Years old


Broker the $million Gross Annual revenue mark in 2017 . . . will hit $1.5M in 2018.

Our brand is getting noticed more and more every day . . . So . . . Happy Birthday Pareto Realty!

Seth Godin’s blog post today entitled Profitable, difficult, or important?

said it just right:

“But the most daring and generous, those that are often overlooked and never hit a trillion dollars in the stock market, are left to do the important work. The work of helping others be seen, or building safe spaces. The work of creating opportunity or teaching and modelling new ways forward. The work of changing things for the better.”

THIS is descriptive of Pareto Realty and the Vital Few Real Estate Sales Professionals who are individually and collectively making a difference in the lives of the people we serve and in our communities.

We are family!

Each year, every one of us has a BIRTHDAY, and I believe this is THE most important to celebrate LARGE . . . to be with the ones you love . . . to reminisce and honor from whence we’ve come.

And then . . . to remind yourself of that for which you stand and your obligation to BE your authentic self.

Be proud and strong and generous and humble and always do your best to make every day better than before.

we Paretozoans are doing just that today!

Happy Birthday to us!

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High Play or Competition?

I had a profound revelation at last night’s soccer game.

Playing the game isn’t ALL about winning.

If we make it ALL about winning, there must be a loser.

Most folks make a big about this “Competition” as if it’s the end-all/be-all for all things in life.

So . . . If you don’t WIN, you’re a FAILURE!

From this perspective when our competitor scores more points than we score, we see all kinds of dynamics unfold.

It dawned on me that many teams “unravel” when they’re “behind” in terms of score . . .

The players get irritable – They “take it out on” the Refs, the other team, and each other.

The direct result is that the game is less fun for everyone and the “Losing Team” makes more mistakes thereby making their struggle their demise.

Herein lies the problem . . .

I have 5 dogs, and they show me a fine example of “high play” every day as they chase each other and wrestle and COMPETE . . . because it’s FUN.

They learn each other’s boundaries and they stretch each other with new strategies.

They rarely get angry enough to FIGHT – Occasional skirmishes, but no fights.

When we mature enough that we play for the fun of the game, we evolve to this “high play” level.

The word “competition” takes on a slightly different meaning.

We are, indeed, striving for peak performance individually and as a team . . .

As long as we doing our best and improving over time, we are winning.

I learned this from my daughter’s soccer game last night and talk about it in this morning’s Drive Time Video.

Such a great lesson for me . . . My competitive Spirit had me downright ANGRIER with each goal scored, while our team was WAY more mature than I as they celebrated their accomplishments against all odds.

I didn’t enjoy the game . . . They did . . . and they taught me why.

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Will they come if we build it?

Ah! The perils of uncertainty!

When you buckle into that airplane seat for your flight across the country, you’re literally staking your life on the pilot’s ability and confidence to safely make the journey . . . and more importantly . . . be able to trouble-shoot any complications that might arise while in flight . . . oh yeah . . . and take off and land successfully.

It’d be a tad unnerving if the pilot were to say on the PA system:

“Hey folks, thanks for flying with us. We here in the cockpit have a bet. If I win, we’ll have proven my theory of aerodynamics and thrust. This theory is that it is not necessary to go full throttle on takeoff. I believe we can easily get this bird off the ground before we run out of runway at half throttle.”

“If the copilot wins, we’ll likely all perish.”

“Either way, enjoy the flight!”



Life is chock full of risk.

What certainty is there that things will pan out as we expect?

If we launch the initiative with trepidation, how might this flavor of uncertainty taint the probability of success?

Uncertainty makes us tentative . . . Prevents us from “going full throttle” . . . We’re not “all-in”

Our decisions and efforts are less than full commitment because we harbor this lingering doubt we allowed from conception.

This doubt becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy . . . and the resulting failure is “validation” of this doubt.

“Yeah! I didn’t think this idea would pan out from the start.”

Many folks are their own saboteurs . . . their own personal terrorists secretly conspiring to fail using their toxic weapon of destruction . . . DOUBT!

Maybe, we’d succeed more often if we were to start our initiative with the same words in a different sequence.

Instead of: “Will they come if we build it?

Try: “If we build it, they will come“?

Mind games . . .

Always move forward with confidence!


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All of my clients are investors

Indeed, I could make a great argument that ALL Real Property buyers are investors.

Whether it be House(s), Condo Unit(s), Multi-unit Property(ies), Raw land, Commercial Property . . .

All of these purchases are “Investments.”



noun  in·vest·ment  \ in-ˈves(t)-mənt \
the outlay of money usually for income or profit capital outlay; also the sum invested or the property purchased
Of course, Real Property buyers have myriad reasons for making these investments . . . They’re ostensibly making their purchases for some form of habitation whether it be for a business(es) or for Residential Housing or for development.
Regardless of the reason, I feel confident that none of these folks are purchasing with the intent to lose money.
So . . . I am intrigued by the number of inquiries we receive from people who lead with the proclamation: “I’m an investor!” as if it elevates them above all the other prospects.
Perhaps, there’s an inference to the possibility that a self-proclaimed “Investor” might be in the market to purchase multiple properties and therefore “deserve” more attention than the others.
A hungry sales person might just “take the bait” with few questions asked and go “all-in” to serve this promising new prospect.
The savvy real estate sales professionals are likely more cautious because they know the value of serving a niche which they have cultivated for years. They know that these “investors” can become quite a distraction and often are not willing to commit to an exclusive agency arrangement . . . or worse . . . some aren’t “Real Investors” at all.
My point?
Treat all prospects equally regardless of whatever proselytizing comes from some.
Ask lots of questions before committing to any appointment to verify that adding this prospect to your “pipeline” has potential to be an “investment decision” in terms of your time, energy, and money.
Stay true to your niche, and don’t let commission breath distract you.
and remember . . . ALL of your clients are, by definition, . . . INVESTORS!
A moment of silence for our fallen citizens in the 2001 9/11 attack please . . .
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For those who haven’t put much thought towards Cyber crime

Most folks aren’t very worried about Cyber Crime . . .

This is worrisome two-fold!

First, I’m worried about what these criminals might do that could TOTALLY wreak havoc on our personal and professional lives.

Second, I’m worried that you’re not worried because when you are vulnerable, everyone with whom you interact digitally is inherently vulnerable.

This is that “A Chain is As Strong As The Weakest Link” thing – writ LARGE!

I recently attended a class about cyber crime. The quote that struck me to the core was:

Real Estate Agents are walking lawsuits!”

Of course when it comes right down to it, MOST people are walking disasters in terms of cyber-security.

This is one of those things we easily dismiss as “That won’t happen to me!” until it DOES happen . . . at which point, we’re standing there talking about wouldas and couldas done all of these simple preventative things . . . Like:

install strong antivirus protection on ALL of our devices . . .

Moving our Internet interfaces into VPN encrypted secure environments . . .

Adopting safe email practices by NOT opening unexpected attachments and NOT emailing sensitive information . . .

Of course, there are many other safety measures that can be done . . . What I mention here should be MANDATES!

Here’s the rub for professionals (Listen REALTORS)!

If you are representing a fiduciary (a client), and a cyber criminal exploits YOUR digital vulnerability at the expense of your client, you will likely be held responsible (by the courts) for the loss.

Here’s the thing! These cyber criminals are just like most criminals . . . They prey on the weak.

Their goal is to stay on the path of least resistance as they do their work.

They are literally, INTENTIONALLY selecting a specific person and/or transaction to target and are inserting themselves into the digital pathway (Email chain).

Unobstructed, they can replicate the look of emails and unwittingly have your client wire ALL of their life savings to an off-shore account ne’er to be seen or recovered again.


If you’ve even a moderate level of protection, that creates resistance for the criminals . . . They’ll likely abandon their pursuit on you and shift their efforts to an easier, less well protected person.

Just as a House robber is far less likely to break into a house that has barking dogs . . . They’ll choose your next door neighbor who has cats and no alarm system.

I’d venture to say that you could likely spend less than $100/yr on sufficient digital protection to discourage most would-be attackers.

I use AVG

There are myriad other options.

Don’t put this on your list to do later . . . DO IT NOW!

Protect yourself so you can protect your clients.

In the event you DO get compromised and become a victim, here’s the Federal Bureau of Investigation Cyber Crimes website for filing a report.

Be safe!

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