If only I had hired an expert . . .

Have you ever wondered what percentage of a Plumber’s business comes from DIY projects gone bad?

My guess is a LOT!

Of course by the time you cry “Uncle” and call the plumber, you will have created quite a mess which the plumber will first have to undo before he puts it all back together.

The bill will be 1/3 more than if you had just called the plumber in the first place . . . not to mention the cost of your many trips to Lowes for tools you’ll never use again and parts that will never be installed . . . and the shame of failing to fix it yourself.

Why do we have to keep learning this over and over again?

We don’t have to let ourselves get caught in that web.

We also do this in our businesses as we attempt to build websites . . . or take on the CFO role of our company (While also being the CEO, Sales person, Marketing person, Gofor dude/dudette,and janitor).

Of course, our rationalization is that we are saving money by doing it ourselves.

What’s your time worth?

How much of your time do you spend learning someone else’s trade only to attempt to complete one project?

Do the math!

Why do we do this?

You’re an expert at doing what you do. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you see people trying to save a few bucks by NOT calling you to do the job – They get in a pickle – then they call you for free advice?

Don’t be THAT person!

Appreciate the value of leveraging all of these things that aren’t in your wheelhouse by hiring an expert . . . and pay them well.

I promise that what comes around goes around. They’ll call YOU when they need your expertise.

The Circle of life and business.

So liberating.

(So says the guy who has been “CFO” of his company for 7 years and has finally come to grips that he sucks at that . . . Meeting with my savoir (Expert Finance Guru) today and SO looking forward to shedding that burden.)


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Full Throttle or BUST!

The goal is to get off the ground before you run out of runway!

Simple as pie.

In any new venture or project or career or relationship, there’s an innate level of excitement and energy.

The folks who succeed are the ones who bridle and focus all that good mojo and bring it to bear on a successful LAUNCH.

More about this here:

So . . . What are we doing here?

Do we all understand our mission?

Are we all “ALL IN?”

Do we know how long this fabled “runway” is?

I sure hope so because once we start rolling down that runway we’re going for broke . . . FULL THROTTLE!

Nothing less!

Once we get this baby off the ground, we can back the throttle down a tad and attend to the details and making this thing prettier and more comfortable . . . Perhaps a cocktail and a snack 🙂

There ya have . . . Your success formula for your next project or career or partnership.

OBTW . . . there are no rules against going full throttle while in flight to take things up a notch or more.

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Innovation – It’s a Love Hate Thing

Everything is always moving!

Every day, it seems that everything that is moving (which is EVERYTHING) is moving FASTER.

Just when we think we’ve “got it” we discover we don’t . . . It was illusory . . . a mirage.

All this motion overwhelms most people. That bulk (80%) of the people who crave stability and homogeneity cringe and gripe and cling to the old way and begrudge the new because they are confident that this new stuff will not last long. It’ll be a flash in the pan.

You know . . . Like the internet? It’s just a passing fad, right?

Over time, most of these folks will succumb.

The remaining 20% are the outliers which consist of the 10% who NEVER adapt and the 10% who fuel the fire of innovation by daring to be the test pilots of pretty much anything new-fangled.

The biggest resistance to assuming the risk of adopting new innovations (Redundant?) is the inherent uncertainty of using something that might still be “buggy” . . . OMG! Such HORRORS being inconvenienced by those occasional “system down” moments . . . or the look of the dashboard changes or or or or.

Guess what? This is the new normal. If you are reading this blog post, you are IN this game game whether you want to be or not.

I personally LOVE the innovative products unless they disrupt my normal flow at which point I HATE them until I realize the derived benefit of the new changes and swing back to LOVING them.

Get used to it!

Quit struggling against it and for God’s sake quit whining about it.

This isn’t a personal attack on your productivity.

Ride this wave with love and stop hating.

BTW! I signed on with a whole suite of new back-office software (Brokermint  and Commissions Inc to run Pareto Realty at the beginning of this year and absolutely LOVE the innovation I witness nearly every day. Same goes for our MLS provider Realtracs.com

So . . . How ’bout you?



or head in the sand?

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When “Better than new” is possible

Through the years, I have seen many multifaceted captions conjured up by savvy REALTOR marketers . . . all with the intent to catch the eyes of THAT Buyer.

In truth, we don’t need more than one right Buyer for any house we market. We only need the one  who loves the house and is ready, willing, and able to BUY it when our seller is ready to sell it.

“Better Than New” is one of those captions that is most often used when marketing a resale home in an area with lots of new construction.

One might reasonable ask: “How/why could ANYTHING be better than new?”

  • The house is ready to move in NOW with no construction hassles and/or delays.
  • Many of those pesky kinks have been worked through as the seller discovered them in the past 4 years
  • The seller has added upgrades – Fences, Fixtures, etc.

A house that’s better than new looks like this

This is 2116 Skyglen Trace. The current owners purchased the house new 4 years ago and have meticulously maintained and improved it.

  • 3/4″ Hardwood floors
  • French gutter drains
  • Covered back deck with privacy blinds
  • Fenced back yard
  • 20′ x 12′ Walk-in, floored attic storage
  • 5 ft jetted tub and over-sized separate shower in Master Bathroom
  • Ikea is coming soon to the area

You’ll love the wide open spaces, and the volume ceilings bring in lots of natural light.

Skyglen Trace is a dead end street, so no drive through traffic.

One of the best features?

You can move right in . . . 30 days after signing a contract.

There . . . Now you know!

Better than new IS possible 🙂

Connect with me for more details and/or to schedule your private viewing of this fine abode.

Barry Owen


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Taking the sting out of a surprise

Pretty much everyone hates nasty surprises!


Bad news sucks!

We all experience pain and suffering at the hands of Auto-Mechanics (I’m at Lincoln Ford of Franklin and just got the news I need new brake pads and tires), doctors, REALTORS, Dentists, and the worst part about all this is that surprises NEVER seem to show when we have the patience, time, or money to deal with them . . . otherwise, they wouldn’t be – well – SURPRISES!

Our only emotional regulators are adopting a mentality of expecting to be surprised – ALWAYS . . . as we keep our eyes on our surprise barometers 24/7.

These surprises do NOT have to ruin our days. So often, the difference between a “TRAIN WRECK” and an “inconvenience” is in the presentation of said surprise.

As service providers, we can turn our FULL attention towards our surprised clients and with appropriate empathy show and explain the problem . . . followed by offering a couple of solutions.

The operative action that makes this work (in terms of taking the edge off) is the subtlety of coming out from behind the service counter – or meeting the client in person – and taking the time to sit down and ‘splain the issue.

These folks at Ford Lincoln of Franklin do this well. When they discovered excessive tire wear and marginal brake pads, they invited me out to the bay to show me the problem, explain the probable cause, offered 3 good solutions and worked with me to finalize a fair price.

I felt well informed and ready to make a buying decision within 8 minutes of receiving the bad news.

As I sat here waiting for the work to be done, I have witnessed these folks do the same thing with other customers. I’ve seen enough to know that this is not contrived or plastic . . . These folks exude authenticity.

How do you break bad news to your clients?

So often, we earn the right to receive future referrals from our clients based on our ability to handle the sticky situations and surprises along the way.


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