Less is MORE!

My colleague Brian Copeland (REALTOR with Village Real Estate Services in Nashville and Techno-crazy, Rabid Convention goer) was featured in this month’s edition of REALTOR Magazine. The name of the article is “Tech it up . . . Nine strategies for doing more with the technology and Web sites you already use.” You might expect […]

1st day of Fall – Turn the page

Many folks use this Fall and Winter season creeping up on us as an excuse for lots of things. “Business ALWAYS slows down after schools start.” “Just one holiday after another disrupt the normal flow for most people.” “These dark months bring on seasonal depression . . . What’s the point in working when everyone […]

It may not BE about you!

These days, I’ve noticed a hair more anxiety in the air. Things just aren’t happening as many people wish (or expect). I know in the real estate industry, every deal is 4 or 5 times as difficult to consummate as they were a couple of years ago . . . and each deal carries more […]

Monday Morning Coffee – “Working” IN or ON your business or Life?

Most of us spend most of our time “working” IN our life and/or business. What I mean by this is that we tend to let “what needs to be done” control our every waking hour. “What needs to be done” is what’s on the ToDo list . . . It’s our routine of waking up, feeding […]

REALTOR Open House – Skunkworks – Developing your Business

Inviting you to a multi-purpose EVENT at Debbie Owen’s listing @ 1027 Holly Tree Farms Road – Brentwood – Tuesday 9/21 Stop by Amy Wyatt’s listing @ 1108 Holly Tree Farms Road on your way to Debbie’s This is SO exciting . . . You just MUST come 🙂 You’ll preview 2 great houses Debbie […]