Does Zero Down Still Exist?

How certain are you of what lending options are available these days? With the options and rules changing almost daily, I rely heavily on the knowledge of a few Mortgage Professionals. Got me thinking . . . I’ll bet there are other REALTORS out there with the same kinds of questions. So . . . […]

What’s next? The multitasking myth.

Remember while in school, you might “tune out” occasionally in class while the teacher droned on about matters that you felt had no significance in your life (EVER)? Your mind would wander off to wonderful places, but your body was imprisoned in that class room til the bell rang. And then . . . WHAM! […]

10 things to consider if your business is down

Thing 1 – YOU! What’s your commitment to your business? Is it really your passion, or are you in it “just because”? Your clients know if you’re head’s not in the game. It puts a smell in the air around you. If you are “turned off”, we in the Army would say you have “Short […]

Monday Morning Coffee – too big for your britches?

Good morning! Most of my best thoughts come to me while walking with Apollo in the early mornings. Dogs have this uncanny knack of being the best therapists money can buy. Today, I released the leash and let Apollo RUN through a veritable herd of ducks . . . Tumultuous to say the least. He […]

Myopic Vision and your life . . .

I’d venture to say that most everyone has heard of Myopia. In fact, a good number of us live with myopic eyes (until we get old and crusty and our eyes develop (atrophe) to throw far sightedness into the picture, thereby creating the need for bi-focals). It’s a cruel trick nature plays – Can’t clearly […]