The Relevance of the Closing Date

Here in Tennessee, Line 142 of the standard Purchase and sale Agreement reads: “A. Closing Date: This agreement shall be closed (Evidenced by delivery of warranty deed and payment of purchase price), and this agreement shall expire, at 11:59 P.M. local time on the ___ day of  ____________, _____ (“Closing Date”), or on such earlier date […]

Scrubbing your database for the new year

How clean is your database? If you are seriously in business (ANY business) I’m assuming that you have a database . . . and that you actually USE it at least occasionally but hopefully systematically . . . such that it will generate sufficient leads to sustain good momentum for your business through all “times/seasons” (up […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Doing 1 thing more? or Less?

Good morning! Woke up thinking about a little simple math this morning. Seth Godin dropped a line to this post entitled “The N+1 Theory” by Fred Wilson. “The N+1 Theory states that there is always one more of anything.” Which ends with the author’s final statement: “I find the N+1 theory very inspiring. It is […]

1+1=3 & 3+1=7 & 7+1=13

What kind of crazy math is THAT? Well . . . Walkin’ the dog this morning I was thinking about how great ideas come together. Often, there’s a person who conjures in her own mind what she believes to be a great idea. She thinks about it and chews on it and starts adding form […]

How to build a bigger, more reliable real estate sales business without blowing your budget!

Greetings!   How are you doing with respect to leveraging your business relationships?   Are you and your vendors “Co-Marketing” such that you ALL generate more business?   If you are scratching their backs, are they scratching YOURS?   We are offering this FREE presentation entitled:   “Taking REALTOR/Vendor Co-Marketing To The Next Level”   […]