Dotting “I”s & Crossing “T”s might be the secret.

Not all of us are wired to be attentive to the details. Most folks are too busy to actually dot the “I”s and Cross the “T”s because they are more worried about getting more done than getting less done RIGHT. I wonder . . . If we all did LESS with more attention to the […]

Party Animal? How Holiday Networking differs.

Tis the season to party! Not all of us are “Party Animals”, though. I’m one of those folks who resists going to parties where there will lots of people I don’t know. My “behavioral profile” tells me that I really don’t like people very much. I’ll put lots of energy into finding reasons not to […]

Hang up and DRIVE (your life)!

These darned phones are SO smart that most folks don’t need even need to speak with each other any more . . . unless it’s to swap intel @ aps . . . or talk about which phone is the BEST phone that does the MOST the FASTEST.  Are your peeps more important than your family, […]

Monday Morning Coffee – “I’ve had a class like this before”

Good Morning! The “snow” in Nashville was exciting yesterday. Even though it didn’t accumulate, it created quite a stir and boosted the economy a bit as folks flocked to the grocery “just in case”. We’re seldom prepared for snow because we never know if the weather predictors are telling the truth 🙂 I think there’s an atmospheric […]

The home inspection

Call me crazy, but I feel that Agents for Buyers have some responsibilities that transcend simply “taking the order” (Writing the offer) and arranging the inspection. Oh! Simple little things like: Being present for the inspection . . . Being present for the debrief from the inspector so as to be able to SEE the […]