Are Paper scraps, postits, lists, voice mails, emails killing your productivity?

Do your lists have sub-lists? How many leads have you gotten . . . then lost because you lost the napkin with the phone number? How are you doing with your email? Do you have a magic number of “most number of allowable emails in the in-box”? Are they coming in faster than you can […]

Expose yourself! – A dirty little secret to success

Let it all hang out! Let your hair down! Be seen where it’s cool to be seen! Don’t be a “secret agent” . . . GET OUT THERE! Decide early each day to make DIRECT, HUMAN contact with as many people as possible before the end of the day. Offer a class about something you […]

Monday Morning Coffee – What are you offering other than low pricing?

Black Friday has passed. What a racket THAT is. Retailers scream and yell at the public like a bunch of football coaches at 1/2 time in a close game in an attempt to stir us all into a buying frenzy. WHEW! Right on the heals of Black Friday comes Cyber-Monday (today) . . . the […]

ONWARD! (Invitation) – Goal Setting and LIfe Rhythm for 2011

Thanksgiving was nothing short of wonderful – 3 full days of doing not much more than eating and being a sightseer in our own town of Nashville . . . and NOTHING that resembled work. Today (day 4), the brain began sliding into gear with thoughts of what the next few weeks will look like before […]

The importance of coterminous Relations!

I asked my Facebook friends to give me ONE word from which I would compose an impromtu blog post . . . My friend from Down East (Maine) Kristen offered “Coterminous” The online dictionary says: “coterminous [kəʊˈtɜːmɪnəs], conterminous adj 1. (Law) having a common boundary; bordering; contiguous 2. coextensive or coincident in range, time, scope, […]