Coordinating a remarkable meeting, event, retreat

I believe that we get more done in less time when we invite other folks to the party. More people = more brains in the room . . . and with the right mix of people and the right meeting format, AMAZINGLY magical results ensue.   My observations are:   1. Most people hate meetings and […]

We knew the party couldn’t last forever – Mortgage Interest Rate update!

WOW! We have enjoyed histoirically low Mortgage Interest rates for the past few years . . . so much so that many homebuyers have become “immune to rate” . . . I remember times when the current rate was a great reason to jump in (or out) of the market to buy a home for many […]

Monday Morning Coffee – Anticipating Needs

Nice people offer to do nice things. We think of them as being generous of Heart or Spirit. We talk of their selflessness . . . and we thank them. Most of those benevolent souls have no expectation of compensation by recognition or financial reward . . . They just do it because “it” is […]

So . . . You wanna start a blog, eh?

Many folks have asked me how to do it. Are you ready for this? WRITE! I know this sounds flippant, but the key to blog writing is writing the blog consistently over time. Sure! If you listen to the Lead Generation experts, they’ll all tell you about stuff that (if you think too much) will […]


Alice Walker is the new President of the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS and was yesterday sworn into office along with the Board of Directors (of which I am a member) at the final Membership Meeting for 2010 of the association. As is customary, the outgoing President Lucy Smith offered a very gracious and moving speech with much gratitude […]