If you are breathing and you have a real estate license . . .

There are myriad Real Estate Firms that will “hire” you sight unseen just on the chance that you might sell a house or more. Call me “old fashioned” but this disturbs me a bit. I’m noticing a trend of Real Estate Firms and teams upping their recruiting games with job postings, cold-calling agents, and other […]

We could get killed by bullet points

My “Open Space Friend” Paul Levy is brilliant. He said the title of this post. With great efficiency, his stream of consciousness thoughts go places most other minds cannot conceive. He says cool stuff like: “Noticing all the versions of me.” I feel refreshed after every conversation with Paul because he pretty much shreds the […]

Outsmarting Murphy

As I was walking out of the office to fetch something from the car this morning, I had a frightening thought. The second I heard the office door latch behind me, I remembered that my keys were on my desk. I had departed from the usual routine because I’ve started doing 30 minutes of light […]

The Traditional CMA Approach May Lead to Disappointment

The Real Estate Market in the past several years has lulled us into a comfortable state of complacency. We REALTORS could pretty much have our way (and let our home Sellers have THEIR way) when it came to pricing homes . . . It was pretty easy . . . Do a cursory Comparative Market […]

The client does NOT have Imputed Knowledge

Let’s start with a dictionary definition from USLegal.com: ‘Imputed knowledge means the knowledge attributed to a party because of his/her position, or his/her relationship with or responsibility for another party. Such knowledge is attributed for the reason that the facts in issue were open to discovery and it was that person’s duty to apprise him/her […]