Looking beyond the initial question

Coming from curiosity is a gift to everyone. When we’re wearing our business hat, how often do we go beyond the initial dialog? Is it always an exchange of information or a negotiation, or can it also include some level of warmer connection? The most effective conversations begin with some form of FORD – (Family, […]

The yet to be read shelf groweth

Having been a card carrying prolific reader of books for many decades, I’ve decided to impose a moratorium on reading for “a while.” How long is “a while”? Well . . . I’m currently overwhelmed by the sheer volume of new knowledge that rushes into my field of perception. “They” say that upon which you […]

Is your passion how you make your living?

How do you “make a living” . . . AKA earn money to pay for your needs and wants? Do you have a JOB . . . or is it a Career? If it’s a job, is this job a short term gig or a professional pursuit? Are you enthusiastic about “going to work”, and […]

Charitable support from your heart

I can think of a bajillion reasons to be “too busy” to volunteer for your cause. After all, there are at least another bajillion people with myriad “opportunities” for me to spend my time, energy, and money to help others. I know your cause is important to you, and I respect that. In fact, I […]

Just confirming that your foot is on the gas?

This is the first full week of May! Are you busy? What are you doing that’s making you busy? Is it the right stuff . . . the stuff that results in making money and/or fulfillment? Personal fulfillment is important, otherwise it’s just another day in the grind. If you’re thinking: “Another day of drudgery”, […]