Let’s get ready to get ready, but FIRST . . .

. . . we should learn everything there is to learn about this, shouldn’t we?

After all, our goal is to do this thing exceptionally well the FIRST TIME because we desire efficient expediency with ZERO tolerance for ANY deficiencies, absent any flaws.

We MUST practice, practice, practice (as we were taught in grade school) because we know “practice makes PERFECT,” and we strive for consistently masterful execution.

As we are practicing our fastidious ways, we may not be noticing our colleagues/ coworkers who are also doing this thing, BUT (shamefully) very recklessly. These rebels are making a MESS – doing SO many things WRONG. In fact, they seem to have abandoned the book of instructions altogether. We judge these heathens (as we should), because they are dishonoring this sacred process we are “supposed to be doing”.

As we’re shaking our heads at these wayward souls’ ways, we might notice something poignant . . . While these “cheaters” seem to be DOING (Instead getting ready to do) this thing unapologetically, they are ALREADY taking ACTION and are ALREADY reaping rewards in terms of production. Of course what they’re doing isn’t perfect to spec, but it’s marketable.

AND it seems that each time they (imperfectly) perform this process, the quality of the product improves.

In the Army, we called this OJT (On the job training)

So . . . If you’re wanting tangible results, memorizing the process doesn’t create the product . . . DO more DOING and less getting ready to do.

If the job is Lead Generation (The life-blood of EVERY business), Human to human interaction is the crucial MUST DO. Knowledge doesn’t build relationships . . . COMMUNICATION is the necessary DO!

Let Go!


Let’s GO!


A FLASH of Generosity

When people come together to talk about issues and opportunities which are in common, it’s not uncommon for a spontaneous combustion of generosity to occur.

Passion rises as folks realize the space is safe for collaborative dialogue, and the momentum builds.

Possibilities begin to emerge – like popcorn – as the participants begin to let go of their inhibitions/reservations about daring to trust each other. With each new idea and perspective, the blocks of the walls of hesitancy begin to crumble. Trust builds as we engage more and each of us become more willing to be more transparent and emboldened to push the boundaries.

Every new thought builds the excitement as potential, emergent solutions give rise to a now unstoppable force that transforms into ACTION!

“TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves MORE is not just another cliche”

It’s simply what happens when the right people show at the right time in the right place to explore in-common, BURNING issues.

It’s even more juicy when there’s a diversity of people, perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, experiences AND potential for conflict.

When these conditions converge around important issues, and opportunities are present, UNBELIEVABLE – unfathomable things come to fruition.

A veritable EXPLOSION of generous creativity.


I see this happen EVERY time a group opens space.

Open Space Technology ALWAYS works . . .


Expect to be surprised!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of opening space with 25 very sharp Real Estate Principal Brokers, and guess what?



Calming slinky traffic

There’s a traffic hack that’s FREE and EASY!

This unique driving technique is seldom used by most average drivers because . . . Well, most drivers are focused on SPEED, and heavy traffic tends to require them to SLOW DOWN – or even STOP – sometimes for long periods of time thereby rendering the impatient drivers apoplectic.

Every morning and every evening, blood pressures rise as the struggle unfolds . . . The universe seems to conspire to thwart a smooth flow of traffic, and all of these drivers play the “HURRY UP – then – WAIT” game like a large slinky. When traffic STOPS, the drivers want, at least, to witness a CRASH ahead to talk about later, and are ROBBED because the stall had nothing to do with a crash . . . instead, the slow down (or stoppage) is caused by inattentive drivers leaving gaps in front of them, and when they realize traffic has opened up, EVERYONE MASHES THEIR ACCELERATORS and RACE to close that gap to bumper to bumper proximity . . . and the cycle begins anew.

Here’s the fun part (for me) . . . ONE driver can make a difference that will disrupt this high tension cycle and modulate the flow with this simple strategy.

YOU could be this person simply by deciding to stop playing the hypertension game.

Leave a gap in front of you of at least the length of a semi with a trailer (4 car lengths).

That is all!

When I do this, there’s almost always a magical transformation that occurs in the traffic pattern. This opens space for the fast movers to weave in and out of the flow, AND . . . other drivers notice and begin to do this distancing also.

It is my belief that this simple traffic hack saves lives both from Crashes and from heart attacks.

Be a life-safer and integrate into your driving habits.

Thank you in advance!


Ain’t nobody got time for rejuvenation


There’s SO much to do . . .

It’s cool to emulate the March Hare

Are you always late for a very important date?



If this represents your general disposition, YOU are the ONLY person who can do something about this . . . and you can nip it in the bud at the EXACT time you want your release from this insanity simply by deciding to do so.

It’s easier than you think.

Begin with scheduling a few blocks of time in your daily routine . . . Entitle them “Rejuvenation”. Treat these as being of HIGH importance.

Learn to say: “NO” when the siren call of others’ urgency clamor to distract you . . . to suck your attention into their drama.

Turn off your phone without apology.

Go take a walk!
Read a good book!

Have lunch with a friend!

Go to a movie!

When you return to the fray, and people ask where you’ve been, just smile and reply: “I was in a very important appointment!’

No further ‘splanation necessary!

Make a habit of this, and something mystical will happen.

You’ll find yourself getting more done with less effort in EVERY facet of your life.

You’re Welcome!


Ya gotta kill’m whilst they’re young

A rancher was returning from his weekly journey across the desert with his feed and provisions from the COOP when he came upon a man who was walking dead center of the railroad tracks. It was obvious that the man had been walking a LONG time and appeared to be near death -sun-baked, dehydrated and barely able to walk. As the rancher approached, the man collapsed into a veritable bag of flesh and bones. The rancher picked the man up, put him in his truck and proceeded home.

When they arrived, the rancher and his wife took the man into the house and tended to his needs – Water – bath – fresh clothes, Food and a comfortable bed.

The man slept for 2 days. When the Ranchers noticed him beginning to stir, the wife thought it would be good to offer the man some smooth hot tea with honey tea, so she put the tea-pot on the stove. The man was still very weak and not quite coherent when the teapot reached a rolling boil and began to whistle softly at first and increasingly louder. SUDDENLY, the man screamed, leapt out of the bed, grabbed a baseball bat that was leaning in the corner and commenced pummeling that teapot until it was rendered duly destroyed. The Rancher and his wife were understandably alarmed, and didn’t interfere with this teapot murder lest the crazy man turn on THEM with that bat. When things settled down, the rancher, with great trepidation, asked the question: “Why did you destroy our teapot?”

The man’s simple response?: “Ya gotta kill’m when they’re young!

We all have triggers deeply embedded in our psyche from prior experiences and every one of us has a threshold . . . and myriad ways of coping.

Commonly labeled “PTSD” -Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

When we acknowledge our own personal version of PTSD (without judgement), I believe we learn gracious forgiveness when we witness people acting “irrationally” or “out of character”.

Let’s be kind . . . Ask why . . . and hold the space simply by listening.

Generosity of soul!