Craving Human IRL Contact, yet Failing to Show up

Riddle me this . . .

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have all learned how to “gather” virtually. For the past several months, all but a few of my meetings have NOT been IRL (In Real Life) because of legal mandates which prohibit being in any public or even private place without wearing a mask and able to maintain a minimum distance of 6′ apart. Our ONLY option to continue life has been to comply with these Legal and socially imposed rules.

I get it and don’t dispute the abundance of caution . . . Many experts of high intelligence made these recommendations for the well-being of ALL of us. After all, this COVID monster was spreading quickly and was KILLING people – LOTS of people.

In the past month, many of the restrictions have been relaxed allowing restaurants and venues to “Open” . . . I LOVE being able to go inside a restaurant now, don’t you?

During the “Shut-Down” Our only viable option was to move all of our meetings into the virtual venue – ZOOM – On-line virtual spaces.

For months, I participated in MANY ZOOM meetings. As I look back, I remember that , in EVERY meeting, someone would comment how much we all wished we were able to meet in real life instead of virtually. Oh! “We SO missed genuine human contact.

Guess what?

Now that things are opening up, we CAN now meet in real life if we so choose.

Here’s my observation . . . Many of us are talking out of both sides of our mouths . . . When we call a meeting in a real life venue, participants ask if they can join the meeting virtually . . . because it’s not convenient for them to drive across town.

Convenience trumps eagerness to see people in real life?

“They” were right!

There’s no chance of returning to “normal”, is there?

OBTW – Convenience also seems to trump a FREE LUNCH.

Ah well!

Gotta go join my 8:30 zoom . . .


Yes! I am GUILTY of sending the wrong message to Prospective Home Buyers and Sellers by saying there’s NO INVENTORY!

This morning, Ninja Selling sent an email with THIS LINK!

As I listened to the message, I felt shame for my bad behavior and misdirection of my messaging. This is wrong on many levels (How could we Realtors be so blind?)

By focusing on the narrative that It’s difficult and even IMPOSSIBLE to buy a house in THIS market, we are actually doing harm!

What we focus on EXPANDS!

As we Realtors whine and complain about the tough conditions in this market, we are FEEDING that negative energy and relegating the positive energy to the “Woe is us” Camp.

The real truth is that there’s actually a LOT of houses coming on the market and selling quickly in record numbers.

Try this instead:
Tweak your message, and (and encourage others to adopt this more uplifting message) shift to a more positive message . . . Your attitude and results will improve 🙂

As always” “This is a GREAT time to buy or sell a house if you’re ready for a new lifestyle . . . Go ahead! Turn the page!

Connect with your favorite Pareto Realty agent NOW!

NINJA . . . “No Inventory”?????

Those Taxes Are Rising

Well . . . We knew this day would come, and it did with yesterday’s mail.

The Davidson County Tax Assessment for #OwenHollow

LEAPS from $221,400 to $338,700 – 53% increase in the county’s appraised value.

My first reaction was SHOCK!

I mulled it over thinking the whole range of stages of grief (Denial · Anger · Bargaining · Depression · Acceptance), and my rational brain then took the wheel. As it turns out, as a Realtor, I had recently done a comparative Market Analysis and came to a value of $350,000, so I’m not a candidate to disagree.

We Nashvillians have had it pretty easy in the taxation department relative to many other cities . . . We’ve always been blessed with low taxes (other than the 9.55% sales tax), and many people are fleeing their High Tax states to “less expensive” states . . . Companies also!

So . . . I’m not disgruntled! In fact, I believe I’m getting a great DEAL even as my tax bill inflates.

My only beef is that we Property Owners are paying WAY more than our “fair share” of taxes while renters don’t . . . and it seems that when most Mayors need more money for the city’s offers, their first inclination is to RAISE PROPERTY TAXES. Property owners are the minority, yet we seem to be the ever bottomless “well”.

I know I know . . . Death and taxes!


Let’s Build an Affordable House Today

Every day, there are fewer affordable houses available.

Yep! The very people who provide the Human Power that feeds us, clothes us, builds our cars, houses, and all of the consumer and durable goods we are able to buy . . . These are the folks we call “the backbone of America’s economy”.



Blue collar

Trades people

Small business owner/operators

Whatever you want to call them, they all have one thing in common . . . their ability buy a house is vaporizing right before our very eyes . . .

Affordable Home ownership is teetering on the edge of extinction because the increase of rising Home prices has far out-paced the increase of wages/income.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots is becoming a canyon.

This leaves only the option of renting a house or apartment with no possibility of building wealth through owning real estate.

These renters are paying their landlords’ mortgages, and the wealth building goes to these landlords. “Common folks” don’t seem to have a chance.


There IS a way for some of these lucky people to own their own affordable house. It’s a bit of a lottery chance, but it IS a reality for many families.

Habitat for Humanity Nashville is doing some great things and giving regular, hard working families the right to earn their own home. This is NOT a “handout” – 1st, they’ve gotta win the lottery of candidacy. Once chosen, they must complete a rigorous training program covering personal finance and homeownership. Then then they’ve gotta participate in building their own house and likely the houses of their neighbors.

Very few of these Habitat home owners foreclose because they’ve got “skin in the game”.

Greater Nashville Realtors Sponsors a house EVERY year (I think over 25 thus far), and I and the Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty are annual participants . . . Today and tomorrow we will doing whatever we’re told to do to build this house. This is great “team-building, and we always look forward to taking a break from selling houses to actually BUILDING them.

You, too, can volunteer ANY time to participate in the building of these house. Just connect with Habitat Nashville and sign up.

Let’s get out there and build a house!

Practicing Non-Action

Doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do.

In fact, I’d argue that intentional non-action is quite good for the soul.

Some of the smartest and most successful people I know are have achieved MASTERY in their practice of non-action.

My friend Rain Warren speaks of her way of taking non-action . . . She carries 2 chairs to a public place where there’s LOTS of action happening, and she positions the chairs facing each other, and she simply sits in one of them.

Invariably, someone notices her and wonders . . . Their curiosity causes them to watch her. She supposes they are watching her to see if she is waiting for a friend. Perhaps they wonder of her psychological well-being.

Is it safe to approach?

After all, she looks to be very pleasant and approachable.

This dance leads to the question: “Are you waiting for someone?”

Rain responds: “Yes! YOU! Would you like to join me?”

These “chance meetings” are the product of non-action, and they result in fascinating conversations which often turn into great friendships.

In Open Space meeting Openings, We (facilitators) mention the presence and value of Butterflies yet to be identified amongst the population.

The Law of 2 feet “allows and even invites” these butterflies to do . . . NOTHING!

“If at any time you find yourself in a place where you are neither learning nor contributing anything of value, you have the right and responsibility to use your 2 feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute or receive –

Be useful . . .

Even if it means being that beautiful butterfly practicing non-action.

Some folks will notice you and wonder why you even came to the meeting??

Shhh . . . We know the power of non-action/non-doing is working in mysterious ways.

Inspired by Rain, I now keep 2 chairs in my truck at all times because I never know when I might need to practice non-action.