Imagine – Design – Build

It’s not easy being a thinker

For the past several weeks, I have been chasing an elusive Dream.

Funny thing about dreams . . . Sometimes, they can be crystal clear Visions of what could be instead of what is now.

If we believe that Dreams lay the foundation for intentions, we pay more attention to them because we awaken with new possibilities swimming inside our noggins.

We mull them just as a way of idea fermentation.

This is how innovation happens.

Someone has a dream and imagines how our lives would be influenced if we were able to bring them into reality?

The way all great companies come to exist is that someone has a “bright Idea” – a DREAM from all of the myriad possibilities manifesting as the market environment morphs. This idea is the seed that, if planted and watered, has potential to grow.
I’m that guy, and the big dream I have is one that will benefit many home and land buyers and Sellers in BNA throughout the next decade. . . Yep! My BIG idea will benefit MANY Families by blessing them with generous yards and all of the amenities for multigenerational living.
After much deliberation with myself as I’ve studied the landscape, I’m reallocating ALL of my resources (Time, Energy Money) to Build our brand such that we are KNOWN throughout Middle Tennessee.
We’re going to “up” the ante for ALL new homes.

I’m going to climb out on a limb and say that this will be a veritable REVOLUTION for new homes originating in and around Northern Davidson County.

When your job and your Vocation are one and the same

Vocation: “a person’s employment or main occupation, especially regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication. “her vocation as a poet”a trade or profession.”

JOB: a paid position of regular employment.

I sense a differentiation . . .

A job seems to have less soul – a conspicuous absence of Useful PURPOSE

When we “practice our vocation”, we are Happier and more productive with less effort.

We ALL know the difference, so why don’t more of us Honor ourselves by doing whatever it takes to be our authentic selves in our work?


I choose with great passion to serve and protect Home and Land Buyers & sellers in and beyond BNA.

What’s YOUR choice?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going . . .BUT . . .

Before you go ALL-IN, pause to check yourself and your intended destination.

When the going is TOUGH, perhaps there’s a reason. This log jam could be a Godsend . . . a signal indicating a caution speed bump to re-evaluate the mission before launching.

Give your “gut instinct” a chance to have a say.

Think: “Measure twice – cut once.

whence verified, proceed with reckless abandon.

Let go!



Local Value

The inherent value of “shopping local” is indisputable IMHO (In my humble opinion). When we buy locally, we support ALL facets of our LOCAL economy. We create JOBS as we spend our money. We build COMMUNITY as we interact with those who we serve and those who serve US.

I have a mantra: “If you want know who’s Friend and who’s FOE when it comes to bolstering our LOCAL economy, simply FOLLOW THE MONEY”

I think it’s about time to reevaluate our way of living and focus purposefully . . . Let’s consider the wisdom of the “Village way” of living.

What if we were to STOP ALL external delivery of goods and services?

Of course, this way will be WAY less convenient, but we’ll know that every dollar we spend supports our LOCAL Farmers, Retailers, our Families, friends, and acquaintances as they practice their respective vocations.

Is this regression?

or is this PROgression?

One thing I have ALWAYS known to be true: “Real Estate Markets are driven by LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION”

Where we live is important as it helps us as we find our “OUR PEOPLE” and our preferred lifestyle.

If you’re contemplating a change of lifestyle which will necessitate a purchase and/or Sale of a house, I would love to work with you to find the RIGHT Location for you your next life season.

It’s NEVER too early for an initial consultation – Call – Text – email – Let’s meet: