A step – In the wrong direction

“One small step for (a) man – One giant leap for Mankind”

When a business focuses on improving “convenience” in the purchasing process, who benefits?

Under the guise of “Convenience”, I believe many companies are missing the point.

The more I think about all of the ways those who “serve” us consumers more “conveniently” are actually stepping in the wrong direction.

How is pumping your own fuel more convenient . . . or learning the Self-Check-out at the grocery . . . or placing your order at the kiosk . . . or ordering on-line for pick-up or delivery?

So, how is it more convenient for the customer to have less interaction with the “expert” in every transaction? What if you have a question that’s never been asked before, so there’s not (yet) an answer in the AI Chat or “Help”?

This is a matter of scale.

When the scale is HUGE, the companies seem to have the attitude that it’s OK not to offer personal touch because they can “afford” to lose the customers who want it . . . They provide only the level of service required to complete the transaction with the mass of (wo)men who lead lives of quiet desperation.

Who benefits most? The business owners, until things shift at which point they’ll suddenly “care more”.

Many banks are catering to this with more interpersonal (Living Room feel) in their branches.

I had an experience with the local Carrabbas this week and mentioned it in today’s Drive Time Video.

Hockey – Your Work and Life

How many shots attempted result in a puck finding the back of the net?

For the 2018-19 season, the Nashville Predators had 2678 Shots on goal.

They scored 236 goals . . . 8.8% success.

I’ve watched a lot of Hockey this year, and have been fascinated by the seemingly zero correlation between shots attempted and goals scored in any given game. Some games will have 40+ shots with not much showing on the score board, while others shoot minimally and rack up double digit points.

As much as we’d like to say it boils down to luck or skill or divine intervention, there’s no rhyme or reason at the end of the game.

When the coaches and players answer the question: “Why didn’t you win this game?” the answer is usually something along the lines of: “Well – This just wasn’t our night.”

These are the best Hockey Players on the planet. Should we expect better results? Is it good enough that they did their best given the circumstances?

I’m betting Hockey players need lots of therapy. They’re VERY competitive by nature as evidenced by the sheer physicality of the game. Unbridled passion that often yields insignificant results.

When you’re playing YOUR game, what are your standards for results?

Are your expectations of yourself and your team realistic?

Is there room for “This just wasn’t our day?”

Don’t be so hard on yourself . . .

Let Go and Let’s GO!

We all get into “FUNKS” occasionally!

Think back to your most recent funk and think about how that affected you.

Your mind awash with doom and gloom and negative self talk.

Words like “Can’t” and “foolish” and “Stupid” and “I know better than to have done this”

“What have I gotten myself into?”

This is usually lonely stuff that we do our best to mask so others won’t notice . . . because you know they’ll ask you what’s the matter . . . and the thing you least want to talk about is WHY you are in this funk . . . because you might not even know yourself why the funky frame of mind.

Odds are good, it started with some relatively benign thing that happened which you allowed to “spool up” to a fever pitch such that it’s consuming your total being to the point that you feel emotionally and physically devoid of energy . . . Emptiness and Helplessness!

How long will you allow this to derail you?

When will you decide igbok (it’s gonna be OK)?

Let go and reclaim your self.

Recovery from funk begins with this simple practice of deciding to let go.

A co-worker in my first job had a great saying about this self drama. Doug would say “Ain’t nobody got time for this. After all, no-one will care about it a year from now!”

Doug was always right!

In fact, my observation was that, in most cases, no-one cared about it a week from now.

THIS is up to you, and I know you can do it:



“Let’s GO!”

(Bounding back into life like a young puppy with exuberant enthusiasm)

Isn’t it interesting how hard we sometimes are on ourselves?

Quit it!


The BEST time to sell your house is . . .

When you’ve got a great reason to move!

Around this time of year, all of us REALTORS go to parties and gatherings, and pretty much everyone we see asks: “How’s the Real Estate Market?”

I respond:

“The real estate market is GREAT!

Why do you ask?

Are you contemplating a move?”

Often, the response to this question is another question?

“Is NOW a good time to sell? I’ve heard the worst time to sell a house in during the holidays. Is this true?”

My response: “When you have a great reason to sell your house is the best time to sell!”

The things is . . . Unless you’re committed to making a move, odds are not great that you’ll have a smooth experience.

We don’t know why, but we see this frequently.

I say more about this in this morning’s http://Barrysdrivetime.com Video!

Healing the World with Happiness

The World Happiness Festival 2020 is published to be March 16-22, 2020 . . . BUT . . . It’s already under way and gaining momentum.

Click this link to join the conversation in the Nashville Agora Facebook Group (You’ve gotta request membership to participate).

We are actively seeking any/all Local Middle Tennessee “Collaborators” to invite other “People of Influence” (Connectors) to help us attract all the right people to participate. While the event is GLOBAL, we will be Opening Space every day of the event to, together, tackle these tough and important complex issues right here in Nashville. Think: Business Leaders, Thought Leaders, Lobbyists, Associations, Politicians

Strategic Partnership Sponsorship opportunities are available for this Global and Local Nashville event.

Our promise is that EVERY issue or opportunity raised by any/ALL participants WILL be discussed . . . and I am sure that many new initiatives will emerge that will surely result in a happier and healthier Nashville.

7 Consecutive Full Day Open Space Events mirroring the themes of the Global Festival.

16 March – Happiness at Work

17 March – Education

18 March – Social Impact and Personal Development

19 March – Health and Well Being

20 March – Technology of Well-Being

21 March – Let’s Take care of our planet

22 March – Solidarity Happiness Race


World Happiness Festival 2020 – Nashville Agora