A litmus test for moving forward

Every day, each and every person on this planet encounters myriad issues and opportunities as we tumble through this thing called life.

Even those with the most steadfast commitment to moving forward on a well defined path can easily “lose their way” (or momentum) when confronted with distractions and obstacles. In this, our hyper-connected environment, our path is a veritable gauntlet of temptation and unforeseen complexity . . . As the difficulty of moving forward increases, our proclivity towards the siren call of all the bright, shiny objects/new opportunities also increases.

What’s at stake is our ability to FINISH . . . ANYTHING.

It’s as if the whole Universe is conspiring to obstruct our path to completion such that our frustration level requires us to abandon the mission.

Are you keeping score?

What’s your “batting average” of finishing initiatives you’ve started?

During a conference call yesterday, my friend Jacob gifted us with a “golden nugget” mini-process for improving our ability to let go. The context was one of letting go of emotionally charged scenarios, and I later realized that it’s a great “tool” for the emotional mind.

Jacob called it “Self Inquiry” – He referenced a book and saved all of us the laborious task of reading the book by giving us the recipe for the secret sauce in @ 25 seconds flat.

I’m paying it forward to all the right people who need to learn this today.

My version is slightly “enhanced” for agility.

Situation: A MONSTER emerges on the path ahead . . . An emotionally charged issue . . . An enticement to take a short-cut . . . a distraction to redirect your focus . . . ANYTHING that hinders forward momentum and has potential to change your trajectory.

  • PAUSE your “game” with Silence and Non-Action
  • Assess using the the following self-inquiry
  • “Can I let go of this?”
  • “Am I willing to let go of this?”
  • “When?”

If you can’t or are not willing to let this go:

  • Will this be a revision of the current mission?
  • Will this become an additional Mission?
  • Will this be a NEW mission? (Abandoning the current mission)
  • Do you know how to do this?
  • Who do you need to invite to participate?
  • When?

I believe many people (especially entrepreneurs) subject (imprison) themselves in a form of purgatory of wanting their cake and eating it too.

Resulting in them frequently failing to finish – well – anything.

Just another invitation to life an intentional life.

Claiming your own power and creating your destiny.

So . . . are your willing?

Enthusiasm WINS!

Exuberance is contagious!

Exciting stuff (and people) are fun!

Fun is infectious . . . attractive and even beautiful.

We want to be all that, and we crave hanging out with with people who are lovers of life.

Where do we sign up for this exclusive club?

This part is the most difficult yet easiest of all . . .

Membership is automatic in the instant that we choose to celebrate – well – everything and everyone for what and who they are.

This is acceptance – warts and all!

The only rule in the book is to practice the fine art of letting go.

Non-attachment to the outcomes . . .

Truth without judgement . . .

Here’s the whopper . . . all of this can – POOF – disappear into the thin ether instantly upon an alternative choice.

It IS this simple!

Happiness IS a choice that can, in a micro-second, vanish!

This is my invitation for you to make the wise choice of fulfilment.

There’s no cost to be a member of this club with unlimited rewards points.

Carpe Diem!

Easy Enrollment – Complex Cancellation

When you’re opting in or enrolling in a new subscription, convenience is amazing.

On-line enrollment is FAST and EASY and EXCITING!

One click from the front facing sales page is the Credit Card entry portal.

A few more “selection” clicks, and you’re DONE!

Later . . . When you don’t need the service anymore, most companies seem to go the route of making it nearly impossible to cancel. In fact, many companies make it impressively inconvenient to complete a disconnect order.

Today, I decided to cancel my membership to the Middle TN YMCA because I have been getting my exercise differently (Hiking and working out at home). I thought I would use their swimming pool but it turned out I wasn’t motivated to swim, so they were happily collecting monthly $63.

That’s my fault. I bought something I didn’t need . . . yet!

I logged into my on-line account and discovered all kinds of things I could do – Sign up for classes etc . . . but ZERO visibility of a way to make contact with a human . . . and certainly no “Cancel Subscription” options in the “My Account” section.

I finally discovered a telephone number in the footer of the 1st page of the site – called it and the nice lady told me I would have to go into a YMCA and fill out a form . . . sigh . . . one more unnecessary thing to do.

Making things convenient on the front end is smart . . . It’s also smart on the tail end.

Why the need to inconvenience people wishing to unsubscribe?

Will there be an “Exit-interview”?

Until this, I had intentions to re-join the YMCA when my schedule so allowed.


One thing we “patrons” won’t tolerate is being inconvenienced . . . Once burned shame on them . . . there are too many choices out there to risk being burned again.

Think about this regarding YOUR customer service.

How focused are you on the level of convenience you offer for your clients?

I know that Home Buyers’ and Sellers’ biggest fears center around a fundamental “not knowing” of the process of a real estate transaction. The more they know, the more confident they will be proceeding.

Pareto Realty has addressed this by making it VERY easy (convenient) for Buyers and Sellers to find detailed descriptions of every step of the process.

Check’m out at these Links – Home Buyer ProcessHome Seller Process

Connect with us when you’re ready to move forward Barry@ParetoRealtyLLC.com

When you have great passion for your work

Two kinds of 9 to 5 job

Seth Godin NAILED some thoughts I’ve been thinking that I was having difficulty articulating:

The eight-hour workday is precious and humane, and difficult to find in an era of always-on communication.”

“the contributor who brings so much emotional energy, thoughtfulness, risk-taking and passion to the job that they leave nothing in reserve.”

More hours is the only option if you’re not willing to put your heart into it.”

Last Sunday, my friend Buck treated me with VIP Backstage Passes to the Finale day of Nashville’s best musical festival Live on the Green. We literally had the best seats in the venue – Stage side. For us, The best part about the show wasn’t the music (which was FABULOUS) . . . It was the people we met and got to know because the volume of the music was aimed 90 degrees from us . . . We were able to have real conversations and were there together for @ 7 hours. Jason and Michele from South Carolina and Matt and Stacey from Nashville became our friends.

We talked about life and work. Matt is a local Home Inspector who attended West Point served our Country, and then joined his Father’s Inspection company, and Jason and his wife “make things” and sell them on etsy . . . and Jason is an artist who has one of his charcoal drawings hanging somewhere in the White House (Yes – Our Presidents’ residence).

We got deep (philosophical) about our work. I was fascinated by the passion that showed up – Passion for work and passion for living a “useful” life. We all “work hard and play hard.”

Each of us confessed to loving our work enough to the edge of obsession . . . That we truly enjoy going to work EVERY day and working our art with such intensity that 8 hours fly by . . . and that after 8 hours of that level of mental and physical activity, we are “spent – exhausted” and easily shift to “down-time” with friends and family (and pets) at the end of each day.

And we all wondered . . . Why do so many people not “get” this? Especially REALTORS who tend to work HARDER and longer hours under the guise of meeting with MORE SUCCESS. Seth’s quote:

More hours is the only option if you’re not willing to put your heart into it.”

speaks volumes.

My takeaways:

  • Work your passion
  • Know your limitations
  • It’s not how many people you know . . . It’s WHO that matters.
  • Life is too short . . .

For those who don’t think it possible to “get it all done” in 8 hours/day (or less), I’ d love for you to take this opportunity for me to prove you wrong.

Register and show up to participate in the “2020 Vision Workshop” I am offering beginning October 31, 2019 and the 3 following consecutive Thursdays in November. You’ll have clarity of your 2020 Vision before Thanksgiving . . . and you will be WAY “ahead of the curve” to excel in all aspects of your life in 2020.

This workshop is a 4 week journey designed to transform your “way” from “Entrepreneurial” (always ON) to “Purposeful” (intentional).

Most folks who have participated in this workshop report slicing as much as 1/2 the required hours invested with more – better results. Here’s a link to the registration page.

Life Rhythm Workshop

Of course, feel free to connect with me for more info.

The Perfection Trap

Every morning, I do a Facebook Live broadcast while driving to the office.

This is “raw” (unedited) stream of consciousness thinking spilling out of my (not quite fully awake) brain.

Some days are better than others.

Here’s a link to Http://BarrysDriveTime.com where you will see 378 videos . . . The quality of content and production ranges from ridiculously poor to “game changing” brilliance, and NONE of these videos come anywhere near what anyone might consider to be . . . “Perfection”

I’ve learned not to get caught up in the minutia of “doing it with perfection” because my goal is to deliver relevant, inspiring, transparent messages using real life scenarios. I guess what I am doing is “documenting” the “Wins, Losses, and Draws” that occur as Barry Owen flows through this thing called life.

Until I accepted the notion that the intent and content are more important than the precision of the delivery . . . I did 2 full years of “getting ready” to publish ANY video.

That’s right! I bought fancy equipment, created lists of things I could talk about, and pretty much did everything I could think of to avoid actually publishing video of myself talking.

I was caught in the perfection trap.

The real problem with this is that NO ONE has time to do “it” (whatever it is) PERFECTLY!

If your standard for publication is perfection, you’ll never “ship”.

I’ve written about this before, so why write about it again?

Well . . . I “fell off the wagon” and tripped over another Perfection speed bump.

I’m facilitating a large gathering end of October and wanted to do a short “Promotional Invitation Video”, so I sat down at my desk and typed a “Perfect” script (an hour wasted) and then began the excruciating process of attempting to capture myself doing a flawless rendition of the video. Another 3 hours wasted (Multiple takes) resulting in my decision to abandon the pursuit of perfection. It seems that adhering to a script was my worst enemy because the video feel disingenuous because I reading instead making eye contact.

In the end, I’m right back where I started . . . without an “acceptable” video.

Today, I’m gonna throw away that script and take a mid-afternoon hike to do this video from somewhere in the woods.

Another lesson learned . . . again~