Begin with quiet

Most of us humans think WAY too much!

We even think while sleeping . . . about things that happened yesterday and what’s likely to happen tomorrow.

We wonder, worry, anticipate, strategize, and negotiate in our minds.

When the alarm sounds, we hit the ground at a full-on SPRINT to take action to clean up the debris we’ve conjured up.

Waking up each morning facing a veritable mental minefield isn’t fun or useful.

If this resonates with you, try this!

Place a straight backed chair in your favorite room facing your favorite view.- Mine overlooks Owen Hollow.

Take care of yourself with 15 minutes of peace and quiet.

Sit with good posture – Straight back, Knees at 90 degrees with feet flat on the floor – hands resting on Thighs (Palms up or down) – set a timer for 15 minutes and sit in silence with eyes open.

At first, your attention will wander to all of that clutter in your mind – dismiss each distraction as they surface and resume your quiet.

When the timer sounds, close your eyes for a moment and then intentionally move into the opening of your day with much less mental clutter.


Close each day in the same way, and you’ll soon find that your sleep will become more restful and your days will be more productive.

(pssst – Training wheels for meditation)

Will 2021 be your MIRACLE YEAR?

Below is my email to my agents this morning – Maybe it’ll be a catalyst
I meet with them every Monday Morning
Let’s gather for our weekly check-in this morning @ 9:30
2020 is over – done – GONE!
Does it feel different now that we’re in 2021?
Was there a miraculous SWOOOSH of “Everything is better” energy washing over your heart and soul at the stroke of midnight 12/31/2020?
Will 2021 be an AMAZING year with minimal discomfort and everything rosy?
Pause for a moment and decide NOW to choose a fresh outlook – attitude – A MISSION – and COMMIT to being willing to do whatever it takes for you to manifest the best YOU throughout 2021.
There are NO short-cuts!

There will be disappointments and even FAILURES personal and professional. We’ll forge new relationships and choose to wander from others.

This year is not different than any other year.It’s chock FULL of potential.ALL of what you make of 2021 is up to you!

Will you rise to the challenge to make THIS year 2021 AMAZING?
I hope so . . . For sure, I’ll be indefatigably giving it my all alongside ALL Y’ALL!
Begin with 3 SMART and simple goals for each of your roles in life
“SMART” = Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time-bound

and find an accountability partner who will agree to “meet” EVERY Monday morning to keep the good mojo flowing.

We Must Plant our trees before we want the shade

Try hard not to create too much hope and fear,” for they only engender more mental gossip.” (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying)

“What stories are you creating in your mind as you tumble through your life experiences?

When we construct this mental gossip, how attached to outcomes do we become?

To what degree are we choosing to don blinders which deny us amazing possibilities?

This work must begin within and work itself outward.

Practice Practice Practice, and expect only to be surprised.

Will you choose to spend 2021 just as you spent 2020?

If so . . . Are you expecting different results?

Seth Godin has some words of wisdom for us:


“If you want to see wisdom and maturity in action, look for someone (or a community) investing in infrastructure before it’s too late.

Part of what makes my part of the country so lovely is that the trains work, the water is clean and the health department inspects restaurants.

But for the last fifty years, around the world, few communities have invested enough to maintain the systems they were smart enough to build. Now, my block loses power for days at a time after a storm… And it’s far more dire elsewhere.

In our personal lives, we can coast on a particular credential or bit of knowledge for years. And then one day, we realize we’re obsolete. The idea is the same:

We need to plant our trees before we want the shade, and fix our systems before they break.

Infrastructure is SO essential, and so many take the approach that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” . . . which invariably results in unnecessarily HUGE expense and inconvenience.

I know you may already have mapped out your plan for 2021 (I’m writing this on January 3, 2021). Your “Business Plan” is fresh off the presses and your New Year Resolutions may be printed and posted in all of your conspicuous places.

Take a look at it NOW!

Is it more of the same?

If so, are you prepared have the same results in 2021 as 2020?

psssst – You CAN change all of that – It’s NOT “too late” even if you’ve chiseled it all in granite – Just roll it into the archives under the “ReDo” heading.

Begin anew with an in-depth, exhaustive examination of your infrastructure. Will this infrastructure support the needs of TODAY’s environment, or have you been annually jerry-rigging the infrastructure you created 10 years ago.

That system is unstable at best . . . and you know it!

If you’re committed to STELLAR results throughout 2021, do this!

You might be thinking of the cost and energy and time you’ll have to invest . . . How can you possibly AFFORD this all the while serving your current customers?

Methinks: “How can you afford NOT to do this?”

Final thought – You might think about checking out that foundation before you start fooling around with the infrastructure.

So much to do – So little time, Eh?

Excel or BUST!

When I was a kid (50 years ago), our family vacationed on Cape Cod EVERY summer. We always stayed in East Brewster in Ellis Landing in the same Bay-front cottage (Channel View), and our cousins stayed in the (larger and fancier) Seabreeze next door.

We loved every minute we had on those vacations . . . but the down-side was that we DROVE the 1200 miles there and back . . . PACKED into a station wagon – all 6 of us – Cartop carrier – Mom & Dad in the front, 3 of us kids in the back seat . . . and Amy or Liz in the “WAY Back.”

We played games – 20 questions – counted state license plates – I spy and invariably hated each other until we saw the Cape Cod Bay in front of us as we topped the hill in Ellis Landing . . . and the 1200 mile trip home was veritable inhumane torture in our minds.

On the way TO vacation, we would always make posters saying “CAPE COD OR BUST” . . . NEVER on the return trip.

Same trip – Different directions – Polar Opposite mental outlook.

We were “ALL IN” as we departed Nashville. Spirits HIGH – EAGER to count off the miles travelled . . . The return drives were fraught with squabels and even BRAWLS and always seemed to take an ETERNITY.

50 years later and I wonder . . . What if we were to make posters saying “NASHVILLE OR BUST” signs for the drive back?

Listen to your mindset and adjust accordingly, and I’m certain you’ll smile more and have WAY more WINS..

I wonder . . .

How ’bout YOU?

What’s the first thing YOU say to yourself each morning?

To what degree does this first conscious thought frame in the whole day?

Dread begets dread!

Wonderment (Curiosity) begets energy and excitement.

Begin with LET GO!


Let’s GO!

Let every day be an exciting adventure, and don’t let Eeyore bring ya down.