Somebody should do something about this

What if The darn thing isn’t doing what I bought it to do?

When I buy a drill with all of the myriad bits, I expect each bit to reliably create a hole of the size promised on the etching.

When the sole cashier gets in the weeds (too many people in line), we expect the management to do something about it – like call other cashiers to help or to become a cashier until the weeds are gone.

The server in the restaurant is having lots of fun while ignoring our empty water glasses.

We humans are conditioned to a certain level of convenience, and we don’t tolerate situations which inconvenience us.

Of course, we can whine and complain, but that won’t make things go faster.

We can leave, and find another place to do our business.

Maybe, we choose to go without . . . after all, this purchase is a want and not a need.

How often do you encounter these scenarios and allow them to derail your otherwise awesome life experience?

Life is too short to get your feathers all ruffled over stuff like this . . . Your experiences are YOUR choices!

Try this . . . Instead of projecting vibes of frustration and anger, simply pause your reactive tendency, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

Choose to be calm, cool, and collected . . . and do the only thing that I would “should on you”.

When you think “somebody should do something about this”, YOU should take responsibility yourself by choosing to be kind.

Your kindness is WAY more powerful than you might think.

Suddenly, the ambient energy in the space improves.

Smiles begin to show up, and you’ve magically defused a potentially explosive situation.


Be kind!


Where are you going?

Have you watched many soccer games?

I have . . . Literally hundreds in the period of over a decade of my 2 daughters playing.

Throughout all of those years, I learned a LOT about focus.

The really talented soccer players weren’t always the strongest or fastest.

The high performers were the ones who understood focus at a very high level.

Wired into their DNA was a keen awareness of where they were going.

When they lost a ball or failed to score, these champions relegated this misfortunate happening to being “unlucky”, and they quickly redirected their focus on the field of play.

These were the players who mastered the ability to focus on where the ball was going . . . NOT where the ball is now. In this way, these magicians consistently outmaneuvered their opponents because they were creating THEIR game instead of worrying about the other team’s play.

With this level of focus, there would be random amazing moments of flow during which it would seem they were the only players on the field.

It’s THIS intensity of focus that get’s us where we want to go.

Did you pick up on the nuance that these high performers often were not the most athletic players on the field?

Pin-point Focus creates conditions that pave the way for unstoppable success . . . unless, of course, they lose focus.

There’s one anomaly that is present at ALL levels of soccer play . . . That is when a striker approaches the opposing goal, an excruciating number of shots go directly into the awaiting hands of the goalie.

Why does this happen?

Because the striker’s focus shifts focus ever so briefly upon the goalie thereby distracting them from the high corner scoring target.

It’s a natural happening – The ball simply went where the Striker’s focus was when the ball left the foot.

Where’s YOUR focus?

How intentional are you with respect to preserving and protecting this sacred focus all the way through to a SCORE?

Trend or Sheeples?


shee·​ple | \ ˈshē-pəl  \

informalpeople who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced


 1a: a prevailing tendency or inclination DRIFTcurrent trends in education b: a general movement SWING the trend toward suburban living c: a current style or preference VOGUEnew fashion trends d: a line of development APPROACH new trends in cancer research 2: the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change alsoa statistical curve reflecting such a change3: a line of general direction or movement the trend of the coast turned toward the west

Suddenly – I am noticing a predominance of WHITE new (and old) houses here in Nashville.

I’m not a fan . . . Won’t all these houses be a pain to keep clean?

Stark uniformity . . .

Makes me want to buy a lot in the middle of one of these developments and paint it . . . PURPLE with a Mint Green metal roof.

Am I wrong?

Do this many people really LOVE white houses?

With near zero differentiation, how will visitors find YOUR house?

Is this a trend . . . or FOBD (Fear of Being Different)?

If I have a house any color other than white, will people judge me?

Will the Home Owner Association blacklist my family?

Who was the originator of this House whiteness, and how did this person convince the population of white house owners to buy in on this as being a great idea?

Peer pressure neuters individuality.

Ah well . . . These are just my musings.

Here’s the funny part . . . My home is #OwenHollow – an Utopian “Holler” in Whites Creek, TN. My house is a modest farm house with a classic Red Barn.

My house is . . . wait for it . . . WHITE, so I know a thing or 2 about white houses – It’s a bad idea because unless I pressure wash frequently, it quickly becomes grungy brown/green

I think the white houses is really a conspiracy of the paint manufacturers – Can you imagine how much money they’re saving by not having the expense of their employees time consumed by mixing different colors.



Dare to be different.

Unshackle yourself and let your hair down.

There now . . . I said it!

Time is not yours to waste

You can’t waste something you don’t possess.

We have full access to ALL of the time all the time.

Time is always free and available for all of us equally.

We cannot hoard, save, squander, buy, sell, give, take, offer, steal, burn. bend, shape . . . time.

For eons, we humans have boldly named and studied the passing of time relative to virtually everything within range of all of our senses.

Guess what!

Time has always been and always will be here after we’re gone.

. . . an unlimited resource

. . . unless you believe you own it

Good luck domesticating it.

Instead of worrying about time, let’s pay more attention to being who we are, why we are here, and practicing our unique art.

We know that we are in our element when time stands still . . . when we are so engrossed with performing our work that we lose track of time.

So . . . what time is it and does it really matter?

More about this in this morning’s drive time video

Time is never wasted

Posted by Barry Owen on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Expect to be Surprised

I’m aging but feeling younger.

You might wonder if I’ve found the fountain of youth?


I’ve substantially minimized worry in my life.

What’s the secret sauce?

It boils down to expectations.

When we expect to be surprised, we’re more apt to let go of limitations.

This is mere acknowledgement that very few (if any) accomplishments happen according to our well laid plans.

When we adopt this way, we open our minds to otherwise unseeable possibilities.

Less gray hair!

More smiles!

Surprises are tests of our resolve to finish what we’ve started.

This always works!


Today’s Drive Time Video digs a little deeper with respect to finding our way through the dips . . .

Overcoming the dips

Posted by Barry Owen on Tuesday, August 4, 2020