When the feces hits the fan . . .

Something breaks, and you know it’s going to be an expensive fix, and you just paid all of your bills, and you know you don’t have the cash on hand to fix it now . . . What d’ya do?

FIGHT? – BLOW UP and Blame it on someone else and make a scene.

FLIGHT? – Practice denial and ignore it in hopes it will magically fix itself.

CONSPIRE? – Find other people with similar issues and form a coalition to punish someone/anyone

POUT! – Even worse . . . Choose deep depression because this happened to you, and it isn’t fair

ACCEPT! . . .

Most people react to this misfortune in the order above.

Oh! Imagine how lucrative it could be to capture the energy expended in that herculean effort.

Try this instead:

Pause your game!


Count your blessings. No-one has died.

Know that this will pass and will add to your repertoire of good stories of things that have happened to you . . . You Grandkids will love this one!

Quit taking life so seriously and chill!


You Cannot Not Be Who You Are

I see far too many people choosing this path of most resistance.

These folks age MUCH faster than those who opt for the path least resistance.

Not being who you are is exhausting.

As is true with all lies, whether they be “innocent little white lies” or “persona/lifestyle lies”, the most difficult of living this dual existence is keeping up with (remembering) all of the necessary accumulated little lies an inauthentic person must disseminate over time.

Why some people choose this path is not too difficult to fathom. When public and personal personas are not in alignment, we can feign status and fame and fortune so as to “keep up with the Joneses”.

After all, publicly claiming high expertise and success will magically manifest realization of these dreams, right?

If we can dream it, we can accomplish ANYTHING!

Of course, you can sense my tongue-and-cheek (cynical) tone?

I’m not bashing setting lofty goals/vision/dreams and WORKING towards achieving them.

It’s not “good enough” to say you’re “there”.

Most people who are “there” don’t talk much about their success because they’re too busy being who they are.

You cannot “game” this game by claiming you’re “there” before you are . . . and when you DO practice this inauthenticity, you’re cheating yourself of the depth of learning that comes with EARNING your success through hard work – persistent and consistent toil – an indefatigable resolve to be your own authentic successful self.

We love you for who you are.

Don’t make your life more difficult by pretending to be someone you’re not.

If this shoe fits, wear it!

If not, we’re all proud of you!

When it is to be

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Be aware of subtle shifts and recurring happenings.

Be curious when new and different ideas surface.

Be a great “defensive driver” always honing your peripheral vision.

Notice new patterns and themes showing up in your life experience.

Often, the best opportunities are lurking in the shadows waiting to be discovered.

How much potential do we squander as we plow through our tunnel vision regimens and carefully crafted plans?

Listen for the meaning behind the message.

Always carry a pen and a note pad just in case one of these game changing ideas emerges from the noise . . . CAPTURE these new ideas because they are inherently fleeting (flashes in the pan).

These days, every sense we have is clouded by the incessant NOISE of digital entertainment, the 24/7/365 accessibility our culture has trained us to practice, and the myriad LOUD barkers clamoring for our attention.

Listen to your heart . . . Has this thing caught your attention because it resonates with you or some aspect of your work?

While it might not be in perfect alignment with your plans and goals, there’s a reason . . . Can it be adopted with a measure of adaptation?

If it shows up again, do some research . . . Invest some time for pondering.

The 3rd time is the charm . . . Time to take appropriate ACTION!

THIS is what goes on in the head of most entrepreneurs and is often fertile grounds for amazing synchronicity and innovation.

When is it to be?

When you are ready . . .

Go ahead . . . be that intrepid explorer, and quit worrying about what other people think.

The good news is that, if you heed all of the above advice, you will raise a ruckus and be noticed.

It’s never “too late” to do this . . . Most of the insanely successful people I know got “there” in their 50s.

I figure I’ve got a good 30 years left of my lease on life, and I’m fueled by this burning passion to get it all done . . . and I feel an urgency because God may have a different (shorter) timeline than 30 years.

This is the line of thinking that keeps us humans engaged and lifted up.

Just riding this wave . . .

After thought – Well – really a forethought . . . About a month ago, someone suggested I do a podcast. I “captured” the idea and set it aside “for another day” . . . a week later, I got another nudge, so I decided to do a little research about how one might do this podcast thing . . . It wasn’t “important enough” for me to slog through all of the millions YouTube videos and “PodCast DIY websites and training programs, so I put it on my “some day shelf” . . . Yesterday, I was working on my calendar for the week, and I saw the word “podcast” in my notes . . . Then my computer dinged with a “last call” for registering for Seth Godin’s workshop entitled “The Podcast Fellowship”.

You cannot evade fate . . . I signed up and will be airing a PodCast in the not too distant future.

So . . . What’s on YOUR list of things that have intrigued you but not (yet) enough to take action.

Now might be the right time 🙂

More about this in this morning’s BarrysDriveTime.com

From Un-Plugged to Re-Entry

Some folks might think this happening to be unconscionable!

For sure, it does tend to lean towards heresy in the world of Real Estate Sales much less for a Principal Broker embroiled in the day-to-day operation of a highly productive group of elite Home Selling Professionals.

Rather than “recreate the wheel”, I am copying below my “opening of the week email” . . . This is a letter of admiration and gratitude to the Vital Few members of Pareto Realty. This is, indeed, a VERY special group of quintessential professionals . . . who managed to do something last week that NO one has been able to do in my entire life . . . They threw a surprise Birthday party for me on the Thursday before my departure for Maine.

Here’s the email:

“I have returned from our journey to Maine – That was a magical week for me and Allison as we enjoyed 7 full days of time with my Father and Step-Mother.Dad was in good Spirits, but is definitely feeling his age and aware of his mortality . . . He’s nearing “home-bound” status seldom leaving the house.

Love your elders and spend as much time with them as possible.

Today, I am very grateful for each and every one of YOU. Somehow, none of you contacted me for any reason other than wishing me a Happy Birthday!

You not “needing” me for a full week is one of the highest honors you could bestow on me and yourself.
By day 3 of my absence from the office, I was completely “un-plugged” and worry-free . . . As we were traveling back to Nashville on Friday, I found myself having doubts that I could pick up where I left off a week ago.

I had intentionally scheduled the trip for me to have 2 full days of “re-entry” time to settle into my groove . . . I was able to clean the house, love on my dogs, cut all of the grass in Owen Hollow and transition my brain into “work mode”.

This seems to have been the perfect recipe because this morning, my “plan and calendar” time was a very rich and robust.

We have SO much good stuff percolating as our team is gelling and “maturing” . . . and I am sensing a significant boost in the visibility and strengthening of Our Pareto Realty brand.

My focus is primarily on YOUR success because as we each succeed so do all of us.

Can you tell I’m excited about the future for ALL of us?

I’m proud to be in business with All y’all


THIS is why I love what I do!

Why do you love what YOU do?

Just making it up as we go

No matter how dialed in our systems and processes are, we’re still fluid.

This is not a choice because everything is always moving.

We’ve gotta let go of rigidity and accept the value of being light on our feet – Flexible – nimble – adaptable – adoptable – and less attached to preconceived outcomes.

I know this is difficult because you’re a control freak, and it drives you CRAZY when things don’t go as planned.

The truth is that what really causes you to go CRAZY is your fault . . . You’re putting too much stock in your expectations.

You know the quote: “The definition of insanity is doing all the same things and expecting different results“?

Here’s another way of saying this that will definitely drive you CRAZY: “The definition of insanity is doing all the same things and expecting the SAME results.

If you’re going expect anything, expect to be surprised.